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‘Veteran journalist’ Seah Chiang Nee quotes New Nation’s fake person in his article

Posted on 25 October 2013

Not sure if FAIL for veteran journalist or EPIC WIN for New Nation.


Seah Chiang Nee, a veteran journalist with 40 years experience, has been owned by New Nation.

This after he wrote an article about Ngiam Tong Dow, “Murmurs of dissent from within”, and quoted Wo Min Bai, a fake person who was made up saying a fake quote that was originally published on New Nation for giggles.

Wo Min Bai, entirely fictitious, appears in the last paragraph of his widely disseminated article.

His article, which first appeared on his blog,, was subsequently republished in “reputable” sites such as The Star Online, The Jakarta Post and the peerless, TR Emeritus.

Wo Min Bai, a local, said he is very happy to have so much exposure, considering he is fake: “I didn’t think a fake person will have so much influence in shaping public opinion.”

“I should do this full time. Hell, I should be more real by setting up a Facebook page next.”

This is not the first time anyone has fallen victim to fake news.

Nincompoop website, Stomp, by SPH, is one of those who got owned big time. They put out a fake article based on a New Nation report about a woman fainting at the nomination centre earlier this year.





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