Subaru Challenge 2013 winner shocked he has to pay $90,000 COE

Posted on 29 October 2013

Winner said he thought COE was included.


The Subaru Challenge 2013 has finally concluded after 75 hours with the winner relieved his ordeal of touching the car is over.

However, his relief was turned into shock when he was told he had to pay the $90,000 COE to drive the car home.

Eyewitnesses said the second place winner who dropped out was initially upset for barely not winning the car, but his sorrow turned to joy when he realised he didn’t even have $90,000 to begin with.

The second place winner, Nor Mani, said: “No wonder on the first day 394 contestants dropped out already.”

“They must have gotten the message that the $90,000 COE was not included.”





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  • u r stupid

    Hahaha stupid. No see terms and conditions. And all the win car contest in SG online comes with car no come included. Stupid.

    • stupid

      u are stupid.he could ell the car away without having to pay any coe.dumB

      • stupid r u

        u are stupid stupid. To ell the car away he hav to pay Coe to drive it away, how he gonna do that if he don want tO !

        • OneUnitedNationSingapore

          Relax! This case is he suck thumb lor. U, me, him who right who wrong doesnt matter. Singaporean dont quarrel among ourself! Not much of us left already.

          • New Nation

            Yah lah yah lah you all damn smart lah, PSLE score all damn high lah…

          • Kang Rui

            knn, O level also high k.

        • Information Counter

          lol… The organiser there can offer the option to buy the car back sbut at lower price… He will not need to drive it at all…

        • how can you be so dumb?

          Slap forehead!! this article are meant to be a joke! 50% real don’t you see?


          funny part stupid call someone else stupid… let’s celebrate!!!!

    • Garen

      Wtf, seriously??? U dont need to pay COE to sell it,I bet u jus came to Singapore. Welcome to Singapore, dumbfuck.

  • kosmopolitan88

    Hahah seriously NewNation damn troll. The 90K COE… did you think those contestants didn’t know? News also got report.

    • normani

      2nd place winner.. Nor Mani.. a play on “No Money” seriously do you ppl still don’t get that this is a troll site? All news are parodies.

    • DaDoDaDo

      Cmon… he took part 5 times and he did not know that since day 1, COE was never included.

      • kosmopolitan88

        I think everybody knows about the 90k COE…. If you’re going to participate in a win-a-car contest… obviously you’ll know that COE is additional cost. Duh.

  • edklncldknc

    up there it said 50% real news lol

  • Guest

    You mean they don’t know? It was all along COE exclusive

    • edward

      pinoys is the best in this challenge let’s ffface it singaporeans! see in 2 days 10 pinoys are still standing and laughing about the count of 310 singapooreans. then they fall out into 79 singapooreans BUT philippines is still counting into 10 in 2days in 50hrs. how come?? you think this is fare for the people who want to play clean. its unfair right?? 310 VERSUS 10??? COE go here in philippines and plant KAMOTE singapore!!!!

  • Roy Leong

    stupid game for stupid ppl…..spore where got free breakfast…..????

  • Val

    The winner isn’t stupid. Singapore is simply a retarded island. Why have a competition for a free car, when your stingy ass still wants the winner to fork out 90k? Not everyone is as rich as you, our dear debt collecting government. Our country is a rich man’s playground, and we are caught up in this ‘owe money pay money’ act.. oh wait, we are paying hundreds of thousand dollars for a car that is ours for only ten years? Or a house that we can’t pass on to our grandchildren (not forgetting to mention, paying for that same house for the next 60 years of our lives?) Ok cool.
    Good job Singapore. You wonder why we lack creativity and local support? It’s because you suck. Singapore may look beautiful from a far, but damn you have ZERO return value.

    • P

      Dear Val, too bad too sad. Please shift out of this “retarded island” if you have the capability to.

      • Sg_pureblood

        Doing so, as soon as my parents aren’t around anymore. Nothing worth staying for in a place where I’m a “second tier citizen” in my own country of birth.
        I wouldn’t say the island is retarded, it’s just too good at when it does: squeezing every cent out of us.
        So our men are serving ns for? Protecting the foreigners when come in to lower our wages, takes away education and job opportunities from our children?
        And P, I’m sure u are someone in a position of authority to tell ppl to move out of the island. U doing so so that ur family can shift in? Well, u don’t have to do so, cuz a lot of capable ppl are already giving up this rat race and moving on to better living.

    • dumb

      I think u are retarded. This is obviously fake news. Seems like u are taking every opportunity to bash singapore for your own incompetence and failure. Pls migrate to vietnam and be a farmer perhas whee ur true calling lies. There u can buy a house and pass ard to ur nxt generation like a soccer ball

    • Dee

      … this article, along with the entire site, is satire. SATIRE.

    • Sweetlikelem0n

      Vey well said!

      • Sweetlikelem0n


    • uGoAway

      Ya i think u dun suit here.This is SG.I hate it when ppl saying bad about my shoo off..anyways if you cant afford it just dont drive it? Simple?

  • Damien

    This is really humiliating for our country, guess this will be the end of Subaru challenge. Next time round you cant see no one participating for this, Its not even called a challenge, its called show room..

    • kosmopolitan88

      This is a fake piece of news. Please read properly. Second place winner, “Nor Mani”? Sounds conspicuously like NO MONEY…. Ring any bell?

      • lol

        thanks captain obvious

  • Garen

    Hmm,winner of the Subaru challenge,I have the best solution : Sell the car,if u have no money to drive,then simply sell,u can get about SGD$80,000. That’s more worth then paying the fucking $90,000 COE.

  • InShock

    I’m shocked at how many people are gullible and believe this news…same as the other one where he said 394 people dropped out in the first five minutes. Come…i clap for you……..

  • Yaj

    Hello people. Look at the website logo “newnation – 50% real news”

  • Singaporean

    Only in Sinagpore

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  • dingding

    see the G.T face totally made my day. “haha , thanks for clearing up my warehouse space!! “

  • Dennis

    Should find a tow car, tow to any warehouse/workshop then play lay up with LTA lor…

  • H-Man

    What a interesting Fake News..
    According to CNA report, the 1st runner run aka 2nd place winner is Sunawr Ali.
    Not Nor Mani (No Money).

  • hahaSG

    Ha, “Singapore”~

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  • Richard Joash Tan

    BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fool

    Hahha!~ The person who posted this is really creative!
    Anyway, if any of you want to take a look at the photos taken during the challenge, here you go!

  • boyboy

    The car can still sell for money dummies

  • WTF

    wtf could you all behave urself

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