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S’poreans shocked SingTel, StarHub, M1 all part of incestuous family

Posted on 10 October 2013

One fire outage at SingTel, all telcos affected.

Update, Oct. 10, 3:41pm: 46,000 OpenNet fibre broadband connections affected by SingTel facility fire.

SingTel fire at Bukit Panjang on Oct. 9, 2013

SingTel fire at Bukit Panjang on Oct. 9, 2013



Singaporeans from all walks of life who have signed up for different subscription plans under various telcos were shocked yesterday.

This after they learned that a fire at a SingTel facility in Bukit Panjang caused outages and disruptions to phone, cable television and Internet services offered by StarHub and M1 as well.

Pian Ren De, a local, said: “My whole life is a lie. I thought they were all separate entities. But they all lease resources from SingTel.”

This caused Singaporeans to characterise the relationship of corporate entities as “incest”.

Another Singaporean, Lai Sio Kang, said: “This means they are all in cahoots. Even though they got different names, they all share SingTel’s capabilities.”

“This is incest.”





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  • Hen Hao Xiao

    This Pian Ren De so naive…
    he dunno all telcos under temesak holding meh? all under lee family.. haizzzzz…

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  • Tian Zhen

    We should be happy that SingTel is willing to open up the market to the other two. Imagine if SingTel is in monopoly, how much per month do you think we need to pay?

    • New Nation

      Nice try SingTel, nice try

  • Tuesday Wang


  • Kim

    This is so lame, base on what i know, there is only a Singtel satellite! Has anyone heard of a satellite for Starhub or M1?? No right? So of course M1 and Starhub has to loan from Singtel!!? What is Wang even trying to say -.-

  • Starsailor

    From day one, ONLY Singtel have their own satellite services and the other two (Starhub and M1) leased these networks from Singtel. Remember PCN and GSM networks back in the 90’s? PCN was a low end network while GSM was the premium back then. Starhub was on the PCN network when they were starting out as it was a cheaper lease alternative than GSM. Why did you think they would give their customers all-day free incoming calls for? Even M1 was on the low end CDMA network when Singtel was on the premium GSM network. The strongest gets the bigger pie.

  • Althea

    They have to kinda “rent” from Singtel because sometimes it is cheaper to rent than to build your own cables from scratch… It’s done in many other countries too, not just Singapore.

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