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S’poreans cry out for Yaacob Ibrahim to protect them from Anonymous

Posted on 31 October 2013

They also want Lee Hsien Loong to come back from Paris immediately to unite the nation.


Singaporeans from all walks of life and with varying levels of guts are crying out to Minister of Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim to protect them.

This after Anonymous, an international hacker group, threatened the Singapore government in a YouTube video posted on Oct. 29.

Anonymous is threatening to disrupt key infrastructure in Singapore to protest against the government’s new online media licensing rules and oppression and pain endured by citizens, plus other stuff.

One Singapore, Jiu Jiu Wo, said: “Help us Yaacob! We need you to protect Singaporeans! Only you can stop them now!”

Other Singaporeans, who are more practical, feel that only Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong can protect them.

They said they want PM Lee to come back from Paris now, where he was giving a speech about sampans.

Singaporeans believe PM Lee is the only one who can unite the nation, preferably through a rousing speech about being a community.


If you think this is awesome, then this is less awesome:

Yaacob Ibrahim to police Internet by himself





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  • Hen Hao Xiao

    what if LKY commented & tell ANonymous to Repent? Then Scarly, Anon hack the LKY computer or Heart-Pacer then he Mati liao.. then Nov 5th not only became Guy Fawkes Day but also LKY day (extra Public holiday hor!)

  • bdihqe

    LOL lame, What he said is right, protect for fuck?