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Photo of mattress on BMW convertible was stunt to prove S’poreans don’t do work

Posted on 02 October 2013

It is part of a thesis that if everyone minded their own business instead of commenting online, economic growth will be 10% annually.


The photo of a mattress transported on top of a BMW convertible that is making waves online in Singapore has turned out to be an elaborate stunt.

The head researcher for the project said that it is meant to demonstrate that Singapore is only experiencing 2 to 3 percent economic growth per year because no one is doing real work but wasting a lot of time commenting on other people’s lives online.

The researcher of the study, Pi Herch Dee, said: “If you think about it, the mattress on the BMW did not hurt anyone. It is not religious or irreligious. It did not cross any ethical boundaries. It did not even inconvenience anyone.”

“Therefore, if people refrained from passing on photos like these online and making snide comments on it, they would have more time to do real work.”

“With everyone employed and seriously working, Singapore might be able to find a cure for cancer and the economy will boom by 10 percent per year.”





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