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Updated: Pay additional $15 to ensure you carry home the correct baby

Posted on 09 October 2013


Update (Oct. 10, 2013, 6:05pm): Audrey Lau, director of the Corporate Development Division at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital has written to New Nation about our “factually incorrect” post.

It was initially stated in this post that KK Hospital and Gleneagles have introduced a service for parents of new born babies.

However, she wrote: “We would like to place on record that the information implied by your post is factually incorrect. KKH does not have an additional charge to patients for the use of this system. The Lianhe Wanbao report referred to in your post clearly mentions that KKH does not charge patients.”

New Nation will be updating this post to include any new information.

Including those from Lianhe Wanbao and Gleneagles, if any.


One hospital, Gleneagles, has introduced a service for parents of new born babies.

To ensure they are given 100% assurance that the baby they are carrying home is theirs, all they need to do is to pay an additional $15.

An incident in November last year in KK Hospital involved a mix-up, which resulted in two babies going home with the wrong parents.





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  • eve

    We are a developed , civilised country? our dear wise prime minister just went on CNN to pass judgement that Obama and his colleagues are screwing up And creating the whole shutdown fiasco over a chicken game?

    Haha… Who is creating their own screw ups?!

    • island

      We are just a freaking island, not a country.

  • Huat Ah

    Government just declared the extra service will not be covered in Medishield or medi-whatever. It will be excellent to mix foreigner and local babies to ensure good integration of foreigners into Singapore. What could be a better way of integration than foreigners raising local babies and locals raising foreign babies.

  • Tuesday Wang

    Fucking ridiculously outrageous.

  • cc

    I am utterly confused. It is printed b/w on the headline by ZB that you get the right baby when you pay $15. Where is the discrepancies that KK has accused NN of? You are just reporting from the press wah.. Even if it’s true that medishiled pays for it, it is still your $15. So who is being dumb here?