NS-liable males feel sadder knowing ‘Commando counterterrorist plainsclothes’ has no liability

Posted on 08 October 2013

The guy without NS liability is every NS-serving males’ liability.


Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of Singaporean males shared the passionate grievances aired on a strongly-worded blog post by Alvinology, where the blogger lamented he was “sick and tired” of the “stupid discriminatory” nature of NS.

Alvinology had written that he was sick of the IPPT system, the hair checks conducted during reservist/ in-camp training (ICT) and the need to notify the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) when travelling overseas.

He concluded that if he ever emigrated to another country, it was the doing of National Service.

NS-Liable Singaporean males commiserated with the post, which attracted 15 million page views and 70,000 and more comments.

However, Singaporean males felt even worse after it was revealed that the “Commando Special Forces counterterrorist plainsclothes” guy who was caught on video shouting in the library, does not even have any NS liability.

This was confirmed by The Singapore Army in a Facebook post: “We have identified the person in question; and wish to clarify that he is not a member of the SAF nor has he served in the Commandos. He currently has no NS liability.”

One Singaporean Son, Qu Dang Bing, who served more than two years of NS and is undergoing his fourth high-key reservist training, said he feels even worse knowing this fact: “You mean I give up my life to serve and protect my country so that the ‘Commando Special Forces counterterrorist plainsclothes’ guy has no NS liability at all?”

“Great, just great.”

Another NS man, Oh Ah Dee, said: “We have to defend Singapore from external threats so some fat guy can go shouting in the library? That’s wonderful.”





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