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Letter writers showdown: Why nursing and being a soldier not suitable as NS stint

Posted on 22 October 2013

A female writer faces off against a male writer about what is not suitable as an NS stint.

Female writer:


Male writer:

I read the response “Nursing not suitable as NS stint for women” by Muhammad Hafashah Mohd Aslam.

The Singapore Armed Forces has already got a lot of men signed on as regular career soldiers. It does not need to have more stress in the system with minimally trained individuals who become NSFs.

The career soldiers who work in SAF are highly trained professionals.

Soldiering also requires keen interest, passion and commitment. The long hours and heavy workload — because of the stupid GPMG — may not be suitable for conscripted individuals doing national service.

It is, therefore, definitely not wise to let boys who are 18 serving NS do menial tasks like climb a rope, do chin-ups and run, as these tasks require a trained understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as pathophysiology.

Unless if you’re a monkey, you will not do them very well and naturally.

Trying to boost the SAF with more conscripted soldiers is a noble intention, but the job requires a high level of passion and knowledge.

There are other ways of serving the nation; getting boys to do a soldiering stint as part of NS might not be the best solution.

For example, getting Permanent Residents to do NS will be good.

Lim Na Beh





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  • Hen Hao Xiao

    Had a church friend, only 23. No NS, no reservist, no IPPT because he is a PRC New Citizen… srsly PAP, dafuq!?!

  • passerby

    Errrrr Muhammad Hafashah is a male name. Please be less racially ignorant can.