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Foreigners beat S’pore Civil Defence Force to Ang Mo Kio fire rescue

Posted on 19 October 2013

No reactions online from Singaporeans who dislike foreigners regarding this deed.


A group of Bangladeshi cleaners saved the lives of at least two elderly folks from a fire that broke out in a second-floor HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio at 8 a.m. yesterday.

As smoke and fire engulfed the apartment, the only escape was through the kitchen window. The two who were trapped in the flat were elderly people, aged 50 and 72.

Quick-thinking cleaners from Bangladesh quickly used a ladder to coax them to safety.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived on the scene slightly after 8 a.m. and put out the blaze.

One of two pet dogs died as a result of the blaze.

However, the brave and quick-thinking actions of the Bangladeshi workers have only been met with silence — their deed is not recognised by Singaporeans in the Internets.

One Singaporean, Wa Tng Lang, said: “When stupid ang mohs anyhow cycle bicycle on the road, everybody will suffer from righteous indignation, go online kao peh kao bu. But when Bangladeshis save Singaporeans from tragedy, not even a word of thanks on the Internet.”

“This is also a form of racism.”

“But thank you Bangladeshi workers.”





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  • Bangladeshi workers Vs SCDF

    Those Bangladeshi workers not only can do cleaning, they can do
    rescue operation jobs. One od these day, SCDF jobs will be outsourced to foreigners.

  • raj

    Kudos to those Bangladeshi workers.

  • Alex

    Actually most bangladeshi workers i met are far more polite n better than other FT who thinks so highly of themselves..thank you to the bangladeshi workers who had helped save lives.
    Why this type of stereotyping occured is how the government gave treatment to the other FTs who came here. They begged them to come n gave them every benefits they can give, sometimes even at the cost of locals. Making them feel so high up, as if they are first class citizen, which Singapore will fall without them and the locals are just second class. The government can’t be bothered about the bangladeshi as they are here mainly to do hard labour and does not bring in money.

  • Bobby

    Nobawdie hate bangladeshi. They take up jobs that we do not want. We are more thankful than anything else. It’s the self-centered kind of a certain people from a certain somewhere that gives rise to a stereotype that most people from that certain somewhere are all like that. When u take the public transport next time just observe who would “chiong” to the reserved seats or any seats in general, trim their nails, speak loudly.

    • Mikel Syn


      • Me

        Definitely Singaporeans.

  • fusionstream

    These are the foreigners we want. Not lazy ass cheap workers, persons with no manners, arrogant rich arseholes..

    Bless these guys who helped.

    • J

      what if these foreigners are cheap and without manners, just that they had the humanity in them not to discriminate and stereotype based on skin colour like what most of us online do, and render help in times of need?

      • Mark

        then we will completely accept that its our mistake for complaining about the FTs. but sadly there hasn’t been any example of the inconsiderate FTs that we have seen on the trains, on roads etc performing such acts, so wait till we see them then post an article and a reply like this otherwise i’m sorry to say that its not applicable at all. these bangladesh workers are very different from the FTs most singaporeans are complaining about and they are not “without manners” so your comment here is invalid.

  • Adam Latip

    In 2008 I was dispatched as a policeman to a scene where a Bangladeshi had found a baby in a bag. We thought it was dead but upon touching it, it screamed. Realising it was still alive, the Bangladeshi and his fellow Bangladeshis quickly helped my police NS boy to find a clean towel to wrap the baby from a nearby residence (all shops still closed at 8.30am) to keep the baby warm… while I had to stop about 15 nosy Singaporeans from STOMPING us with their camera while waiting for ambulance to arrive. Ok lah, to be fair, there was a few aunties who wanted to adopt the baby. Anyway we need more people like this in the world. People who will take action to save their fellow man because they know what suffering means! Bless their hearts!

  • Ken

    The point of this article, I believe, is that there is good in everyone regardless of how they may look, behave, and where they come from. There are commonalities that we share simply as humans, even though we may disagree at times. It’s saddening to see people jump onto the bandwagon of bashing people by stereotypical classifications. It’s even more frustrating to see that despite this well meaning article, people continue to defend such bashing by drawing arbitrary lines between “some” foreign workers and talents and “other” foreign workers and talents.

    Judge a person by his own character, not by the job, race, or nationality he is associated with. Or better yet, don’t judge because you don’t know the pains and burden that the other person is enduring.

    • Dave

      Well said.

  • Mark

    to summarize my thoughts, the person in this article is like saying hey you scolded Tom for being inconsiderate but you did not recognize John for saving your life, how in the world are the two related?

    people love to associate two different things together and make it sound like they are related, its easy to use the word foreigners and link this case together with the foreigners who are inconsiderate in public transport etc. these are 2 very different groups of people, we have seen many videos and instances of singaporeans trying to interact with these bangladesh workers, interacting with them, getting people to understand them and their sacrifices while earning low wages. there are even people pushing for more benefits for them. google it and you will find the evidence. these are very different from the foreigners that the government considers to be talents, its this very fact that they (the second group) grew arrogant, because they are being treated so well and so highly regarded by the government, even more so than our country’s own citizens, this caused them to ‘talk big’ and act arrogant, go and google about the person who rode the motorbike inconsiderately for instance, look at his reply. they have become complacent, and its evident, i have colleagues who tell me they rather remain as foreigners in singapore because they are given additional benefits like housing allowance etc, and clearly a more able Singaporean student in school does not get to study for free all the way through high school and not serve the army and happily leave the country to study overseas without any need to contribute back to this country. this is what people are unhappy about, the foreign ‘talents’ who grew arrogant thinking they can behave in whatever manner they like when they are in OUR country, thinking that they are superior to us.

    when the hell did the bangladesh workers ever think of us that way and when did we scold them for being inconsiderate and arrogant in public? if you want to talk about singaporeans not expressing enough gratitude towards them, yes feel free to voice out your thoughts. we ARE probably not thankful enough. BUT why do you associate this with the fact that we complain about inconsiderate foreigners? stop confusing people like that.

    back to my thoughts at the beginning of this comment “the person in this article is like saying hey you scolded Tom for being inconsiderate but you did not recognize John for saving your life, how in the world are the two related?” so someone tries to link the 2 people together to make you feel guilty. let’s say both of them are boys are you are a girl, so they say hey when a boy saves your life you didn’t thank him but when another boy is being inconsiderate you scold him, both of them are boys you know.

    ridiculous isn’t it? this is exactly the same in the case of this article in case you haven’t already realized. i feel extremely sad at such attempts to confuse people. i repeat, THESE FOREIGNERS AND THE FOREIGNERS WE COMPLAIN ABOUT ARE TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS OF PEOPLE ALTOGETHER! get this clear!

    • lauises

      then maybe you need better fucking terms.

  • p

    Personally work with them before. And they are the best workers. Lets reward for their effort, even in best cleaners’ day and not limiting to only locals. The very least, AMKTC should present some award to the heros above.

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  • lian

    I was impressed by their action, helpfulness n many. But I cant find any post pertaining to the rescue. But found it in FB. Thanks Bangadeshi…. you r hero.

  • Arlene Elisabeth

    Once, I lost my phone and needed to make a phone call.
    Went to a nearby well dressed woman only to get top to bottom scan and a rejection (In PRC accent)
    Then I asked a Bangladeshi worker and he kindly lent me his phone without hesitation. I offered him $10 for his kindness but he rejected multiple times. :”) So touched

  • Seriouslysia

    Seriously? In facebook i’ve seen many compliment those group of Bangladesh

  • CY

    I worked at a construction site on one of my projects recently. That was the first time that I was exposed to working directly with Bangladeshi’s/Indians, and I could feel that they were always genuinely helpful. Dropped my keys down a sealed drain and two guys spent half an hour trying to fish it out for me under the hot sun. A guy offered to help be a runner up and down the third level for the whole day while I executed some tests.

    In stark contrast, it is our very own Singaporeans/FT that think ever so highly about themselves who caused unease among our society. Applied for site parking and got rejected, citing “limited parking space”, when more than 50% of the parking space was unallocated, presumably I drive a far smaller car than their shiny BMWs.

    These are the things that make Singapore our home. Kindness, being generous and the spirit of community. Kudos to you guys, even though you may never see this, Bangladeshis!

  • Drawings

    I’ve got to say, Bangladeshi workers are by far the kindest and most humble foreign workers I’ve met out of the other major nationalities working in SG.

  • Singacitizen

    I think all Singaporeans have always been thankful to Bangladeshi cleaners for keeping our country clean. It’s the FT that we have problems with, and I don’t think the government considers FC (foreign cleaners) as FT!

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