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Car-less S’poreans thank govt they don’t have to pay $6 ERP

Posted on 29 October 2013

They are grateful COE prices are set so high and car loans are so hard to come by.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who cannot afford to own a car are thanking the Singapore government profusely.

This after they heard that ERP in the mornings will cost $6 at four expressway gantries from Nov. 4, 2013 as the authorities have reviewed the traffic and found that they can rake in more money by upping congestion taxes.

One Singaporean, Boh Lui Lang, said: “If not for the government’s sound policies and making car loans so hard to get, imagine what would happen if I can afford to own a car in Singapore? I have to pay $6 ERP in the morning.”

This outpouring of gratitude was so widespread among the public transport-taking population that they are willing to overlook MRT train faults and delays.

Tah Di Tieh, a local, said: “I want to thank the government for making the COE price so high until I can only take bus and MRT. Even when MRT break down these days, I won’t be angry but grateful instead, because I don’t have to pay the $6 ERP.”

“Because all the cars travel expressway will pay $6, and pay already, still got traffic jam.”


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