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4 in 5 S’poreans don’t even bother to lie to get time off work

Posted on 09 October 2013

They just get up and leave.


While it appears that 1 in 5 Singaporeans admit to lying to get time off work, the remaining 4 in 5 just get off work.

Yao Hui Jia, a Singaporean who works in CBD, said: “Lie? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Others who said they don’t lie to get off work is because the boss is not around.

Boh Zheng Hu, another office worker, said: “I see my boss not in office, I go off.”

But this is not the case for everywhere. Some still prefer to be honest about things.

Shuo Shi Hua, a local, said: “I just tell the truth: ‘I don’t feel like working anymore today, I’m going home.'”

However, past survey has shown that 6 in 10 S’poreans lie when giving survey answers, so it is uncertain how many actually lie when they say they are lying.

Some of the common lies include:

One in 10 said they lied by claiming that their holiday was already booked, while 9 per cent said they called in pretending to be sick.

Other lies include pretending a family member was sick (6 per cent) and pretending that they needed time off to take a honeymoon (4 per cent). Another 4 per cent said they paid or bribed a colleague to help them lie.





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