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Students must be self-reliant, private tuition to be made illegal next year

Posted on 18 September 2013

This is to ensure students rely on own merit and not external help to get ahead academically.


In a bid to level the playing field for students and make them reliant on their own abilities, private tuition will be made illegal by law in a few months’ time.

Senior Minister of State for Education, Indranee Rajah had said that private tuition is not necessary in Singapore’s education system and can be counter-productive.

This is because students who become dependent on tuition will be like substance abusers suffering from narcotics dependency.

Plus, the government has always been pushing for self-sufficiency.

Qu Pu Xi, a Singaporean government spokesman, said: “Making private tuition illegal is also in line with the Singapore government’s vision that Singaporeans must be self-reliant and not rely on external help that will soon become a crutch.”

The bulk of tuition teachers currently in the market will be channelled to other industries to boost Singapore’s economic competitiveness.

The spokesman also said: “They can work in the casino or be tour guides.”


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  • Mark WalkingDead Chia

    I left SG because of asses like New Nation.

    • Fad3d

      i stayed in SG because of asses like new nation, calm your tits and learn to laugh.

      • New Nation

        He left SG go Johor to double his net worth. Cheap bastard

  • Hen Hao Xiao

    that guy in orange watching porno??? ^___^

  • Visakan Veerasamy

    Could we have a serious discussion about the assessment-industrial complex in Singapore? Tuition to the education system is becoming the equivalent of performance-enhancing drugs. Parents obsess about pushing up the grades at the expense of practically anything else. Even PM Lee pointed out how absurd this is, at this year’s NDR.

    What are we optimizing for, exactly?

  • Tong

    This is stupid!!!

    What is be tour guide or work in casino?
    People dream to be a teacher. But because the NIE doesnt really give chance to normal results students with passions, but only to good results students with minimial passion. This is why students aint learning.. Those tuition teachers are helping so much.. And now, banning them.. ridiculous!

  • Anon

    This article screams satire. ^^

    • Fad3d

      No shit! what gave it away?

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  • okaylahbye


  • BD01

    other words, those Uni students who relay on Private tuition to pay
    their school fees will have to eat Air & Water.. No wonder, next
    generation of student will have a huge loan to pay off after graduation
    or even before they enter working society…

  • HAH

    haha for all those who lack certain sense of humour, here’s the real article Besides, the guy’s name is Qu Pu Xi, which literally means “Go tuition” HAHAHAHA nice troll

  • Someone

    i think the keyword lies under the logo of this site.. 50% real news..

  • john

    Isn’t private tuition same as going tuition at tuition centre? since both focus on improving student academic knowledge? then shouldn’t all tuition centre be close down too?

  • No such thing

    No such thing will happen because of the social unrest it will create. Though they may discourage, banning it will not solve any problem

  • Devid smith

    this is good private tuition in singapore

  • Mikal

    best tuition is private tuition gain to more Knowledge.

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  • crazypenguincat

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