S’poreans erect ‘Long live the Queen’ archway, celebrate oppression

Posted on 29 September 2013

Archway a gentle reminder Singaporeans will always be subject to authority.


To keep Singaporeans in check, just in case they get carried away thinking they are democratic agents with free will, a “Long live the Queen” archway was erected in Queenstown this past two weeks.

The archway is part of the 60th anniversary celebration of Queenstown estate, but it is really a disguise to glorify Queen Elizabeth II and a reminder that Singaporeans will always be subject to authority.

Mei Wen Ti, a Singaporean, said: “I think the archway is very appropriate. There is nothing about it that screams ‘COLONIAL HANGOVER’.”

Others are full of effusive praise.

Zho Bo Lan, a local, said: “I am always very impressed by Singapore and the type of stunts we can pull. Last year, when Will and Kate came to visit Queenstown, Singaporeans were most impressed by Singapore when we all got a chance to see how we lead an idyllic existence.”

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