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S’pore should encourage more students to fail

Posted on 25 September 2013

Focus on getting good grades is what is killing our country, parents say.


Parents who are sick and tired with all the talk about whether tuition for children is good or bad are coming out and sticking it to the man.

One mother, Mai Tak Chek, said: “Getting good grades in this day and age is rubbish. Unless you want to be a doctor or rocket scientist, being academically inclined is overrated.”

Her comments went down well with other parents, who feel that they are being squeezed by the education system.

Tao Jin Tia, a mother who is cheesed with education, said: “If students fail at school, so be it. It means they can proceed to do something else in life other than be a bookworm.”

But it’s not all just complaining. Some parents have come up with a scheme they want the government to implement that will pay handsome dividends for parents and their children.

Mai Gu Piao, a father of two school-going kids, said: “Imagine all Singaporean parents voluntarily put the money that they use to pay for tuition into a endowment fund that is run by the government or Temasek Holdings.”

“There will be no more tuition and every year, the parents can just sit back and live off the dividends and pay for their children’s expenses. And children can hone their other skills, like be footballers or painters or actors, and Singapore will be rich and cultural and not filled with nerds.”

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  • Joe

    no more tuition …. Singapore will have less educated people ……life might be a lot more simple !