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Police rice bowl breaking as crime suspects put community before self

Posted on 26 September 2013

More crime suspects turning themselves in to make things easier for everyone.


Singapore’s focus on putting the nation and community before self has paid such handsome dividends that the rice bowl of the police is cracking.

This after a vandalism suspect turned himself in to the police for smashing up some stuff at Bedok Point a few days ago, in a clear demonstration of Singaporean’s communitarian spirit.

One of the suspect’s friends, Qu Bao Jin, said: “My friend who turned himself in always had the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans at heart. He vandalised for Singapore and Singaporeans. And he turned himself in for Singapore and Singaporeans as well.”

However, others have a different view of the situation.

Qu Bai Fo, a local, said: “Bedok Point was probably blessed properly by the various religious leaders who blessed the F1 race track earlier this month.”

“You see, blessed properly, the shopping mall ceiling won’t collapse and the place won’t flood, and nothing catch fire, everything shun shun. Criminal commit crime, also go and turn themselves in to police. Ai seh.”

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