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Native lizards upset foreign talent lizards get paid more to sit on leaves

Posted on 24 September 2013

Petitioning leader Gilbert Goh to organise protest on their behalf.


Native lizards are upset that foreign talent lizards are taking up their jobs and getting paid more in the process.

The newly arrived foreign talent lizards are from the Caribbean and taking up residence at the newly-minted Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s premier tourist attraction.

Word on the street is that the newly arrived foreign lizards are making up to $6 and hour, compared to $4.50 per hour for locals, sitting on leaves.

Ji Leng, a Singaporean, said: “The government whole day build new places for foreigners to stay, for tourists to play. All locals are being sidelined.”

This has pushed others to seek a solution.

Gek Koh, another local, said he will be petitioning head and leading protest organiser, Gilbert Goh, to go to Hong Lim Park to hold a demonstration: “Gilbert can organise on a sunny day? We cold-blooded so need to get under the sun to regulate our temperature. Thanks.”

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