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Letter writer: Please bless Temasek Holdings, Vivian Balakrishnan, Kong Hee

Posted on 13 September 2013

Everything will then be all right.


Dear New Nation,

I read with great pleasure the news that various religious figures from various religions have gotten together to bless the Singapore track ahead of the annual F1 night race later this month.

This show of solidarity is heartening because it shows Singapore will go to great lengths to cover almost all ground, making sure the various gods will make the odds forever in our favour.

Knowing that we are well-protected has made me glad for a few more reasons:

1. Now that the various religious figures have blessed F1 to get smooth success, they should move on together to bless Temasek Holdings.

This is to ensure Singapore will never lose money. Ever again. Regardless of investment mood.

2. This group of religious figures should also consider blessing Vivian Balakrishnan.

This is to avoid floods, dirty hawker centre ceilings, as well as, all conceivable bad things from happening.

I am sure this group of religious figures did not bless Vivian Balakrishnan before the YOG a few years ago.

If they did, Singapore would have turned a handsome profit from the games.

3. Lastly, I believe if this group of religious figures blessed Kong Hee now, he will be acquitted tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,
A staunch believer

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