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HDB to make carpark lots wider for supercars

Posted on 09 September 2013

NEA to issue directive to Joo Chiat streetwalkers to stand clear of sidewalks.


The HDB will be expanding the width of carpark lots so that supercars’ with doors that open outward and upward can fit comfortably.

This move is to accommodate the increase in the number of supercars on Singapore’s roads, which are owned by people still living in HDB flats.

Property agent, Mai Fang Zhi, said: “The supercars are mainly driven by the ‘new rich’. A lot of them can buy car but cannot buy property, so a lot of them still stay in HDB flats.”

“And a lot of them still go to Joo Chiat neighbourhood to find working girls.”

The National Environmental Agency has since issued a directive to Joo Chiat streetwalkers to remind them to stay clear of the curbs.

This after a lot of them have been hit by supercar doors that open outward and upwards

However, some supercar drivers, such Jia Kwai Cher, are defensive: “Maybe because there are too many street walkers around?”

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