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1,000 NSFs to undergo IPPT Remedial Training after eating free Whooper

Posted on 28 September 2013

Free Whooper giveaway was a trap.



In a bid to show their appreciation for uniformed men — such as those from SAF but not Civil Defence — fast food joint Burger King gave away 1,000 “Whopper” burgers to National Servicemen on Friday afternoon.

However, the giveaway at the Burger King at White Sands Shopping Center in Pasir Ris has turned out to be a trap.

Those who fell for it by consuming the burger will be heading for IPPT Remedial Training.

Supreme General of the Army, Jin Seow Onn, said: “The Whooper giveaway was to test the will power of our soldiers, to see if they can give in to temptation.”

“It is also to test if they will be willing to trade national secrets for the taste of a hamburger and it appears they would.”

“The whole lot are expected to be touching the tree and coming back quite a lot the next book-in.”

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  • dumb

    this is so bullshit. what national trade secrets do they give by just eating a free burger?

    • Of coz fake la

      come one, the Supreme General name is Jin Seow Onn. super on sia!

  • gullible

    i dont think is real news

  • Blind?

    It says: “Newsnation. 50% real news.”

  • dark knight

    must be jealous spf or scdf posting this

  • Ahiru Duck

    ….what part of grabbing a free hamburger put up on ads are measures to will power? if that’s the case, I’d say being able to wait in line for it is strong will power enough o.O? or is this a lesson to them not to fall for anything fishy? I mean if BK is really doing something fishy they can poison lots of NSFs just like that.

    • New Nation

      You’re the biggest joke in history

      • Ahiru Duck

        Pwned -____- *white flag*.

        • New Nation

          Awww you’re sporting enough. Here’s an olive branch

          • Ahiru Duck

            Sweet :)

    • LoL?

      are you dumb? its not real.

      • Ahiru Duck

        chill man. i don’t mean anything rude. well if i did offend i’m sorry.

    • ardnirun

      50% real news la broooooooooo…

      • Ahiru Duck

        thx bro though it’s too late. -___- i got pwned

  • major general

    lol funny shit…supreme general?

  • ON

    Just check out the Supreme General’s name. Hahaha.


    Now go touch the tree… HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Dee

    This news piece and the entire site is SATIRE. It’s all for humour and not to be taken seriously. Singaporeans, so gullible sometimes.

    • hohopig

      you mean .. some actually took it seriously? 😛

  • Zul

    Obviously the ‘writer’ is just to free. This post is not amusing and is a disgrace. Instead of honoring our serviceman, what rubbish and hurt have you done just by doing this. Your rash act ought to have the desired consequences.

  • Lynex

    I think this is quite unfair to the NS to be honest… They suffered so much during training, and you still have to set all this traps….

  • Hen Hao Xiao

    lol @ the comments… whole lot knock it down!!!

  • Luke Tan Zl

    lol look at the supreme general’s name… obviously this is fake

  • Grammar Nazi

    for the love of god, why the hell have singaporeans been calling the WHOPPER a “WHOOPER” since it first came out years ago? grammar nazi, sorry^^

    • -.-

      i think only the author calls it a whooper. everyone else is saying “whopper”

    • Remnant

      Looking at the article, I’m guessing it was a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing.

  • Reed

    that is one of the most dumbest thing a SINGAPORE GENERAL WOULD THINK OFF… trade burgers for national secret…. ITS STUPID.. oh god grow a freaking brain

  • Ju7n

    Why so many dumb idiots think this is real? goodness. People are retarded to the point they just believe everything they read

  • lolg


  • Supreme General of the Army

    to the author..: get a LIFE! I feel sad for you.

  • ORD


  • Guest

    To the author,

    Seriously speaking, I don’t find your post funny. Instead, you have insulted the dignity of our soldiers. From the partial of your sentence “… such as those from SAF but not Civil Defence” you have also created discrimination between various defense forces.
    Please stop such childish and thoughtless stuffs. Get a boyfriend or girlfriend to have some spice for you life if you are really so bored and have nothing better to do.


    …and kiss it? Oh come on PLEASE COME TO YOUR SENSES.

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