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Tua Pek Kong apologises to S’poreans

Posted on 07 August 2013

After Toto opened with no top prize winner.

By IAmAmbulance

In an unprecedented turn of events, Tua Pek Kong has said sorry to his followers — known as “Tua Peks” — over Twitter.

The tweeted apology, “Sorry for putting you through all that!”, was elicited after a recent spate of Twitter posts by several followers with sorrowful pleas of “Ah Kong! Ah Koooooooooooong!” prompted a response.

The cause of the sorrowful pleas was due to the Toto opening with no top prize winner.

Tua Pek Kong has a huge following both locally and abroad. His Twitter account @TuaPekKongSays currently has 54 followers.

However, this direct addressing of followers is considered taboo. spokesperson Annie How, said: “Wah lau spoil market ler…”

This is not the first time Tua Pek Kong on Twitter has been embroiled in controversy.

Tua Pek Kong, whose Twitter handle is @TuaPekKongSays, has already incurred much criticism in public forums in the way song and dance routines are employed to attract a greater following.

Weekly song and dance routine

Weekly song and dance routine

Even though the use of social media and claims of direct contact with followers has drawn much cheer from the Tua Peks, but it is doing nothing for the religion’s credibility.

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