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S’poreans puzzled why PM Lee’s cabinet reshuffle is big news

Posted on 29 August 2013

Demands more explanation.


Singaporeans from all walks of life and with varying levels of tidiness are questioning why the reshuffle of the cabinet even qualifies as major news.

One Singaporean housewife, Hen Zheng Qi, said: “I reshuffle my cabinet every week also what… Sometimes I buy too much jiu cheng so I take out the orh tao yew and put on the lower shelf lor…”

Other Singaporeans, instead of criticising, have come up with solutions for the government.

Qu Chu Fang, a local, said: “PM Lee just needs to go Ikea and buy new cabinet lah, if not enough space.”

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  • Hen Hao Xiao

    … reminds me of a neighbourhood acquaintance. during GE 2011, i adviced him to vote wisely. then he ask me what is SMC, what is GRC… even dunno who was contesting & the candidates. also dunno where or how to vote. Btw, he’s a native Singaporean who went thru the education system & NS…