Respect to Pastor Lawrence Khong for casting adulteress aside

Posted on 20 August 2013

This is the right thing for the church to do, letter writer says.


Dear New Nation,

I would like to congratulate Pastor Lawrence Khong of Faith Community Baptist Church for his courage to do the right thing in the face of public ridicule.

It was reported in the media today that he fired his church employee last year for sinning — specifically, committing adultery and getting pregnant, while her divorce was still not finalised.

Priscilla Khong

Priscilla Khong

The sacked employee, however, had the cheek to go to the Ministry of Manpower to complain because she was not given salary and maternity benefits. For shame.

Let us look at the facts to see how Pastor Lawrence Khong is correct for doing what he did.

Pastor Lawrence Khong said the justification for firing the employee is sound: “We are a church. If we concede that the dismissal was unjust, it means we are condoning adultery and it will weaken our moral and spiritual authority in the organisation.”

Imagine what would happen if he let the adulteress remain in the church? How will her behaviour influence her colleagues? There is absolutely no good reason he should continue to keep her and set a bad example for everyone.

Except if the woman sinning is his own daughter.

Because last time, when Pastor Lawrence Khong’s daughter Priscilla Khong got herself pregnant without getting married, he did not cast her into the wilderness.

He did what every good Christian would do: Forgive and forget. He did the right thing to protect his own flesh and blood. Pastor Lawrence Khong showed exemplary behaviour by acting as if everything is normal for his daughter.

This is staying true to the spirit of God’s word.

On the other hand, to cast his employee aside and let her wander the wilderness while pregnant because she did something sinful like adultery, is definitely commendable.

Because at the end of the day, committing adultery is worse than getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Yours truly,
Conservative Nazi


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  • David Tong from iPhotocourse

    First visit to the site. I almost reacted then realized the great humour… Hehe.

    How convenient of these “pastors” to be so above the law, rich as f**k, and the POWAH to judge like their so-called gods.

    • YC

      Aiyo, what great blasphemy you just wrote, it should be god, no “s”. If you believe in gods, you go to hell.

  • Grace

    “committing adultery is worse than getting pregnant out of wedlock”? – Sin is sin, there’s no better or worse. Be it stealing or committing adultery, it’s still sin and is condemnable by God. But God chose to love us instead. There should now be no more condemnation because God has set us free. Who are we to judge, there’s no one perfect. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. When we choose to condemn, we are most like the Pharisees and seducees. But we are most like God when we love. Love is the highest law.

    • Your ah pa

      Ah stfu la christian.

  • Lim

    Wang Pei, Pastor Lawrence did offer an opportunity for forgiveness to the employee – the same he did to his daughter Priscilla. The difference was that Priscilla chose to repent and break off from the relationship – whereas the employee in question chose to carry on.

    Please read future newspaper articles carefully before writing something that has a fallacious main point.

    • eve

      Hello, the main point is should the employer dictates how their employees conduct their private lives?
      Just because one works for a religious organisation , is one automatically allowing that organisation to pass judgement on their lives? I don’t think this is right.
      That woman was paid for working as an administrator. Did she sign any morality clause in her contract ? Are morality clauses mandatory for religious organisations?

      • Junjie

        If she wants to work for a religious organization, she ought to be ready to be subject to the morality standards of that organization. Just as I ought not to be a gay-basher should I work for a gay-rights organization. :) – Junjie

        • charles

          You ought to not be a gay-basher whoever you work for. Religious organizations are legal entities if they employ people, and should abide by their employment contracts. Hers did not include a ‘no adultery’ clause.

          • IAN

            same goes to our polling ballots. . the person or party you voted or did not vote for but won anyway did not state how much he or her would be drawing as salary, or how incompetent he or her would be but is drawing that salary and is that incompetent. .

            THE WORLD ISN’T FAIR

        • Tua Ni Ni

          But if you bash gays you bash other people. When you let a guy cum inside your pussy, both parties also shiok what? So where got the same?

        • everaftering

          Even if you work for other company, being homophobic and generally spreading hate (especially if there is a gay colleague and you are purposely targeting him/her), then the company does have the right to fire you, just as if you were being racist/sexist.

          However, personal life such as her engaging in adulterous relationship is none of the company’s business. She is a legal adult and is able to consent to such stuff. Whatever she does behind close doors is non of the company’s business, even if the company she is working for is the church. If she get kick out of the church as a worshiper, then I would have nothing to say.

      • ian

        it’s like having your country leaders at one point trying to lead by example but is secretly masterminding a scheme to bleed your money dry. . . I’m just saying. . Not like it’s really happening. . . =P

    • Maria

      ‘Opportunity for forgiveness’ Is he God?!?! Just because he chooses to forgive someone by the criteria HE SETS, that person is like, forgiven?

  • Disgusted

    As a leader of his flock, maybe he should practice what he preaches to his daughter, see Deuteronomy 22:20-21.

  • I hate hypocrites

    who claim they have spiritual and moral authority are in command of
    neither. Unless they willed this world into existence and created
    everything in it by sheer force of spirit, no one can lay claim to that
    authority in this world.

  • Peter Tay

    How come never get stoned?

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  • Ku Kucu

    “Apostle” Lawrence Khong doing a very good job of keeping himself in the headlines this week.

  • What a Joke

    People’s sex lives is for them to sort it out. It is not the business of anybody to mettle unless you want to be a HYPOCRITE. That said, adultery in the bible is targeting at the seduction and amorous relationship in the political and religious world. This, the church is guilty of. She is the biggest and chief hypocrite the bible talks about. The church is the ADULTERER or in an adulterous and idolatrous relationship. So get your own house right before you pick on little people’s sex lives which is none of your business!

  • Jason Neo

    I seriously cannot come to terms with the arguments forwarded in this
    article… or that of Pastor Lawrence Khong (By the way, is he related
    to Pastor Khong Hee of City Harvest? Forgive me for my ignorance). I am
    no Christian but I shall quote some verses from the bible to run a
    religious argument before advancing a secular one.

    Firstly, I’d quote Matthew 6:14-15 –

    For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father
    will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your
    Father will not forgive your sins.
    Here in the words of the bible,
    god encourages forgiveness that is what I have read literally. So, as a
    pastor, should he not follow god’s words and forgive. I am not arguing
    that he should totally forgive but he can do something much lesser than
    to cast her away (quoting the words of many here).
    He could have imposed other sanctions on her such as a demotion or a
    restriction on annual leave or extra hours of work or whatsoever… that
    gives her a second chance to repent her sins and seek god’s
    forgiveness… isn’t that more restorative?

    I then quote Daniel 9:9.
    The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him;.

    The lord is merciful enough to forgive those who rebelled against him.
    How not then is a Pastor, who is the personal representative of the Lord
    in the particular church who is supposed to lead from the front (I have
    been told that the lord is a leader who leads from the front by doing
    first what he ask of menkind) and practice what the lord preaches
    through the bible – forgiveness.

    Now, moving on to the secular
    basis of my inability to reconcile with the Pastor’s decision. We have a
    set of manpower law that tends slightly towards a freedom of contract
    and towards the employer. We cannot deny that the church in this case
    also wears the hat of the secular role of an employer. Now, If her
    termination is contractually available to the church, then there is
    nothing wrong for the church to dismiss the employee due to a
    fundamental breach of the contract – whether or not the breach is
    fundamental is also arguable which we will come to later. But if that is
    not a reason of dismissal available to the church, then the church
    should still be able to dismiss the employee for a fair and just reason
    taking into context of the church’s “business” adultry seems fair and
    just. But then, it should give the employee a chance to address the
    issue and to afford her some procedural fairness before dismissing her
    with the proper period of notice mandated under the law.

    did she really commit “adultry” as she was actually in the process of
    divorce. Technically she is no able to get married within this period as
    that would have been bigamy but being legally married as compared to
    actually married taking the christian context into account as to the
    sanctity of marriage, this sanctity would have been lost by the divorce
    proceedings… therefore.. can this be truly considered an adultry? This
    will be left for the rest to answer.

    Additionally, We know
    that the lady has been dismissed and there was a male colleague involved
    in this matter… what happened to the guy? Nothing heard… Another
    big question….

    • mengmeng

      My understanding is that the male has also left the church, on his own.
      Ultimately, being a religious institution, I think they have to take a stand in line with their beliefs, so that they can still remain aligned to their beliefs. Additionally, if my reading of the news report is correct, the lady has been given a chance to repent, break off from the relationship to make amends. She didn’t, hence the dismissal.

      • YC

        If you want to use the bible as moral compass, why not cast out divorcees, how about those engaged in pre marital sex? Oh, I forgot, hypocrite likes to cherry pick whats in the bible…

  • Usin

    adultery is nothing as when god created one pair of human, he has incest in his creation plan, as when it comes to the grandchildren generation, incest will have to be committed, what not known is if the incest is committed between the brothers and sisters or even between parents and their children. So what is adultery compared with god’s incest creation plan.

    • mengmeng

      I don’t understand your logic here. Perhaps you could elaborate what you mean? Why will invest definitely happen at the 3rd generation?

  • John

    This is so sarcastic, but I like it.

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  • Jay

    Ok, if someone wants to quote the bible, please do not just quote a few verses and then readily assumes whatever you are quoting applies to this situation. Yes, you can quote your ‘Matthews’ or your ‘Daniels’, but please read 1John 5:17 as well. Bible has so many books. There is always a need to cross reference. But if you dont understand, you can always ask or look up on the internet.

    And yes, i believe some things are being done for the lady that was dismissed. But i can’t believe my eyes when i read some people asking should the employer dictates how their employees conduct their private lives.

    Can you imagine if a teacher in a primary or secondary school is sleeping around or fooling around? or maybe even dating a student in a school. If MOE were to sack this person, be it a guy or girl, are they considered intruding into the private lives of their employees.

    The answer is no because you choose to work in that environment, therefore there are just certain moral legalities that you will personally sign up for. That’s it. That’s standards. Something that everyone should have.

    Lastly, please read up on the entire news. This is just a part of it.

    • YC

      Hello, we are talking about 2 consenting adults not secondary or primary school students who are considered minors and not of consenting age.

  • G

    I wonder how Pastor Lawrence Khong can reconcile what he sees as an immoral act with the notion that God creates all life and created the baby. If the adulterous act is so vile, then why does a divine miracle come out of it?

  • dansg

    Wang Pei, there was a woman who slept with 5 men not including the current in the bible. Jesus waited for her at the well instead of ‘fired’ her or cast her aside. I quote, ‘On the other hand, to cast his employee aside and let her wander the wilderness while pregnant because she did something sinful like adultery, is definitely commendable.’

    In other words, what Jesus did was not commendable? I think you have failed to understand Him.

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  • Biz R

    another cheap publicity attempt by Khong the idiot ?