NUS University Cultural Centre becomes White Elelphant again in 2013

Posted on 18 August 2013

This after the National Day Rally 2013 moved to ITE College Central instead.


In an unexpected twist of fate, the NUS University Cultural Centre (NUS UCC) has once again become a White Elephant this year.

This after the National Day Rally 2013 was held at the ITE College Centre.

The National Day Rally has been held every year at the NUS UCC since 2001.

NUS UCC was opened in September 2000.

And the purpose for the National Day Rally to be held at the NUS UCC every year is meant to warm the seats and fill the air with some warmth from humanity as the place is used for nothing much throughout the year.

One NUS passer-by, Kang Jing Guo, said: “This place sees very little activity every year already. Without the National Day Rally held here, the total number of visitors to this place would have fallen by 95 percent.”

“If the UCC was a live pet dog, it would be more humane to just shoot it to put it down.”

Others, however, take a different view.

Jiang Zhen De, a local, said: “If PM Lee going to give the rally at an ITE can even be considered news, then it must say a lot about our priorities.”

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  • Kai

    UCC is used for a lot more than NDR. Plays, dance performances, corporate dialogue sessions, commencement ceremonies etc. are held in the venue. To say that visitors fall by 95% is a sweeping, unsubstantiated, and false statement.

    • New Nation

      Yes, it is sweeping, unsubstantiated and false. Why you here again?

  • JJ

    there was a show choir competition amongst the Top Singaporean School Teams
    going on today at a FULL HOUSE NUS UCC during NDR.

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