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Letter writer: 10 reasons Sun Ho is better than Beyonce

Posted on 29 August 2013

And even Shakira.


Dear editors,

Many critics of Sun Ho and City Harvest Church are saying that Sun Ho is lousy and deserves to go to prison.

However, I feel that this is uncalled for.

As a Sun Ho fan, I’ve listened to her music since young and I am very touched by her personally.

Let me give you a factual breakdown of why Sun Ho should be given a second chance to shine and be as good as any international superstar:

1. Sun Ho is a Christian, so she has more spirituality

This means that if she is guided by the right spirit, she will be doing good work to help win more souls. The world will be a better place as a result.

2. Sun Ho is prettier, and has more versatility with her look

Sun Ho is Asian, and yes, she is Chinese, but she can pull off the Japanese geisha look easily as well. If she wants to look Korean, she can too. I don’t think Beyonce or Shakira can do the Asian/ Geisha look. They are not as versatile.

3. Sun Ho can sing better

Sun Ho has got a low voice but she can cover many scale ranges. Not to mention, Sun Ho can sing in at least two languages — English and Mandarin.

4. Sun Ho can dance better

Sun Ho has many energetic dance moves that are hard to duplicate if you are not trained to do it. She has a smaller frame than Beyonce, which means Sun Ho is more agile. It is the same with Lionel Messi: He is short, but swift.

5. Sun Ho helps people through her music by helping them heal

Through her singing, Sun Ho has helped many people she has met to find purpose in their lives. She has many people who have testimonies to share — like choreographers and backup dancers.

6. Sun Ho can sing more genres of music like R&B and pop

Give her diverse vocal range and her ability to sing in two languages, Sun Ho can easily switch genres without feeling like a fish out of water. She can take on fast and slow songs.

7. Sun Ho can juggle family life and work

Sun Ho is married and she can take care of her kid while pursing her career in music at the same time. This takes a lot of effort!

8. Sun Ho can be more famous if given the chance

Her popularity was reaching a very high peak in 2010 before they decided they had to tone down due to public backlash. But given a chance to bloom, Sun Ho would do very well in Singapore and America. She can easily become a global superstar with the right timing.

9. Sun Ho has more fashion sense

Sun Ho has an Ed Hardy design label that is very fashionable. The trendy clothes are worn by many other celebrities in America.

10. Sun Ho makes more money

Lastly, Sun Ho has the drive and money to make it big. This is actually known as the Matthew Effect in the Bible: For those who have, more will be given.

I hope people can give her a chance to try again.

Yours sincerely,
Sun Ho fan


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  • Sun Ho unfan

    It’s not a ‘factual breakdown’, it’s a personal insight.

    ‘Sun Ho is prettier, and has more versatility with her look’
    No. I think Beyonce is prettier. Have you seen Beyonce’s face shape and smile?

    ‘Sun Ho can sing/dance better’

    ‘Sun Ho helps people through her music by helping them heal’
    China Wine. Really?

    ‘Sun Ho can juggle family life and work’
    She’s not in holla hollywood, that’s probably why.

    ‘Sun Ho can be more famous if given the chance.’
    Everyone can.

    ‘Sun Ho has more fashion sense.’

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  • Kin

    If you cannot sense the sarcasm, i think you need to take a less serious look at life :'(

    • tim

      It is not even sacarstic to begin with. If I want to be sacarstic I would say “Sun Ho mills so much money that she needs to cheat $24 million”…

  • SunHo Unfan unfan

    Oh yeah? It’s not like Sun Ho can even ‘shake it dat and make a man go mad!’ Haha

    • Shakira-fan Sunho-notfan

      Oh sooo notty! HAHAHHA!

  • Hen Hao Xiao

    just dont bring Messi into this! :-)
    Hala Madrid! Wait….

  • Fan Also

    She is better because the police became her greatest fan.

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  • koon

    She got sensational videos at
    With her face masked for viewers protection.

  • Ryland

    Yes, above all, she has the right bunch of naive donors to back her up with millions and millions….and can afford to lead luxurious lifestyle in LA, just waiting for success to happen!!! Whether she is better than Beyonce or not, actually is out of the question.