Air-conditioned glass dome to be built over S’pore

Posted on 19 August 2013

To make the island-state feel more inclusive. Literally.


To make Singapore a more inclusive place for everyone of every stripe to feel included, the government has laid out plans to build a giant air-conditioned dome over the island-state.

The dome will provide people on the island a general sense of inclusiveness. Because it will keep them enveloped all the time.

This plan was laid out last night during the National Day Rally 2013 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Singaporeans interviewed reacted positively as they said a covered dome is the real definition of inclusiveness.

Bao Qi Lai, a Singaporean, said: “All these talk about being welcoming to foreigners and making your fellow Singaporeans feel like they matter are hollow words.”

Another local, Wo De Jia, said: “This is dome, truly, where I know I must be.”

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  • Lee Xian Jie

    How the aeroplanes come into Singapore ah? The dome cannot cover Changi Airport k?

    • New Nation

      We only report the news. We are not here to solve problems

    • orpeesai

      Changi Airport will be outside the main dome. That’s why they are building a smaller dome (project Jewel) at Changi Airport, that will connect to the main dome via underground MRT line.

  • Z’ming Cik
  • Jerome Sean Francis

    How is the rain ever going to get in and pollutants going to get out?Seems like a nice way of saying that you’re going to be imprisoned with no hope of leaving.Let the Hunger Games begin!!!

    • New Nation

      We should put you outside the dome once it gets built

  • Bo Li Yeu

    Haha. I have this sudden urge to prick the bubble dome and watch it flow (i prick i prick and prick non-stop) Haha