7 S’porean sons fainted after touching tree and come back repeatedly

Posted on 02 August 2013

Publicity stunt promoting basic drill commands in CBD turns into Special Ops Forces training.

Whole lot touch the tree and come back

Whole lot touch the tree and come back

A total of seven Singaporean Sons were admitted to A&E after a publicity stunt showcasing basic drill commands went awry.

This occurred around 2 p.m. in the CBD.

Initially, the publicity stunt — believed to have been the brainchild of some insensitive non-local — was supposed to be about letting the public shout innocent commands at the Singaporean Sons and they will act it out accordingly.

However, things got intense when some locals started using Hokkien expletives. This immediately caused the Singaporean Sons to feel like they were back in BMT.

Several Singaporean Sons were seen going into lenient rest position, while others started to knock it down.

Others were seen doing leopard crawl on the grass patch outside of Raffles Place MRT station.

Some others — about seven of them in total — who were told to touch the tree and come back repeatedly without water parade, fainted.

To make the scenarios more intense, several vehicles at the side of the road were parked in idle position and releasing exhaust gas to emulate smoky conditions.

All of it felt like Special Ops Forces training.

One Singaporean woman who was witnessing the whole scenario while holding onto a sliced papaya after lunch, said: “Wah today weather quite hot ah.”

All seven admitted to A&E have been discharged. They will be given 2 days Attend C and one day Attend B and excuse PT.

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    fucking bullshit

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  • Hen Hao Xiao

    Not sure why SAF endorse NatGeo to publicise NS like that. Looks inappropriate!

    But NatGeo’s sublimal message might be: NS is a big wayang & any foreigner walking around have the rights to manipulate Singaporeans serving NS, for their entertainment purposes..

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