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S’poreans cannot explain why SMRT corp comm chief quit after 5 months

Posted on 27 July 2013

They cannot help but wonder why she will want to quit job with company plagued by breakdowns.

Every time you feel tired of your job, always remember: You cannot be more tired than her

Every time you feel tired of your job, always remember: You cannot possibly be more tired than her

Singaporeans from all walks of life are at a loss as to why the ex-SMRT corporate communications chief will want to quit her job at a company plagued by breakdowns.

Kalai Natarajan, 41, has handed in her resignation and will leave on Monday.

From trains breaking down due to PMS to buses flipping over, she has seen it all.

This has led to rampant speculation.

One Singaporean woman, Yi Zhi Huai, said: “Is it because the train always break down and she has to do crisis communication all the time?”

Others suspect maybe because there is lack of work-life balance.

Sian Ji Pwar, a local said: “Maybe because her weekend always burn?”

It was also revealed that in the five months there, more than five in her team of 10 personnel quit the communications team.

This has led to others to simply not fathom why anyone will want to quit doing crisis communication for SMRT.

Bu Ming Bai, another local, said: “The train breaks down once a week only what. Not as if break down everyday.”

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  • Andrew Chen

    For an ex-Corporate comms spokesPERSON/VP, she sure has a lousy mugshot! Either that of the super-bastard ST used a lousy mugshot on purpose!