SMRT Ltd (Feedback) claims Melody Chen as latest victim

Posted on 28 July 2013

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) 7 Singaporeans in general 0.





When will Singaporeans in general ever learn?

Just like the PAP, the answer could very well be “never”.

The latest somewhat high profile Singaporean to fall for monster troll SMRT Ltd (Feedback)‘s antics is Melody Chen.

In her rage, she shared a video showing an SMRT bus driver cutting his nails while driving on the expressway. Without checking how legit SMRT Ltd (Feedback) is, she tagged them.

But really, she basically made three blunders.

One, she shared The Real Singapore‘s post on Facebook.

Two, she anyhow tag on Facebook.

Three, she anyhow tag on Twitter.

Oh don’t get us wrong.

We adore Melody Chen. She’s really pretty.


Look at this. Just look at this.

Ok. All’s good. All’s forgiven.

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  • hen hao xiao

    Nn and trs buay gum rite? Btw not sure hw trs became so popular all of a sudden. Maybe cuz pap tekan it.. =o

  • Melanie Tan

    whats wrong with TRS? I thought they always share your stuff on their FB page. You all no longer friends?