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Long queues for minion toys a sign S’pore is prosperous, politically stable

Posted on 26 July 2013

How else can you explain why Singaporeans are fat and under the sun for long hours?


Bishan Park McDonald’s. Siao na bei

Scenes of long queues at McDonald’s all over Singapore yesterday are signs that Singapore is doing okay, political scientists say.

The long queues were the result of Singaporeans getting in line to buy minion toys from the Despicable Me movies.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “If there was unrest and lack of economic development, people won’t be queuing for toys. They will be queuing for rations.”

“Therefore, it is clear Singapore does not have political unrest, as people are very free.”

Singaporeans, in general, agree.

One Singaporean, Gong Ren Dang, who admitted he voted for the Workers’ Party in GE2011, said: “It is great I get to eat McDonald’s and buy toys. Thank you, Lee Kuan Yew.”

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