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Best covers of NDP 2013 theme song

Posted on 20 July 2013

Doing covers of this year’s NDP theme song suddenly cool

You can always trust Singaporeans to be creative with their insults. Especially when it comes to matters of national pride – like the National Day theme song which never fails to sound like it was composed by the fella behind the MDA rap.

But as it turns out, this year’s song was composed by Selena Tan and music director Elaine Chan. The former was best known for torturing the ears of train commuters with the “Love your ride” jingle. Remember squeezing with a thousand other people during rush hour on your way to work and wishing Mike Tyson was next to you so he could bite both your ears off to stop that train-is-coming-train-is-coming-love-your-ride chant from causing a nuclear meltdown within your skull?

Yep, that’s her.

Of course, she’s also famous for getting a law degree and not becoming a lawyer, as well as being a fixture in the local theatre scene.

Which makes us feel sorry for her. Because it seems quite clear what kind of work pays the bills.

But she probably wasn’t expecting the NDP song to be so bad that’s literally inspired a whole generation of indie artists to do a better cover of it, after going “fuck this shit, I can do better”.

#Example 1

#Example 2

#Example 3


Note: To be updated as we find more covers. Ping us if you find any. We’re especially looking forward to a cover from Singapore’s longest up-and-coming band who has yet to make it big, Shirlyn & the UnXpected.

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