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Witch hunt begins for retailers who sell masks at exorbitant prices

Posted on 22 June 2013

One retailer had a used underwear pulled over his head by angry mob.

Singaporeans are on a mission: To find and punish retailers who are pushing up the prices of face masks and cashing in on the haze crisis.

The mobocracy’s frenzy witch hunt to find retailers’ profiteering from the haze was sparked by this photo showing a poor man who could not afford to buy mask and had to improvise:


Jin Buay Song, a Singaporean, said: “You see this man! So poor thing! How he look out for the bus he is waiting for?”

The under supply of face masks in Singapore due to logistical constraint blah blah blah, plus people hoarding the protective facial apparatus has caused tempers to flare.

Another Singaporean, Buay Hua Hee, said: “What next? We wear bra on our face? So paiseh you know. My wife’s bra all beige one, like grandmother type…”

With this in mind, the mob involved in the witch hunt has signalled that they will be treating any profiteering retailer involved in face mask arbitrage with extreme prejudice.

Mob head, Lai Zho Tao, said: “We have already pulled a used underwear over one of the retailer’s head and left it there for three minutes.”

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