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Tree commits suicide to protect family from hailstorm

Posted on 25 June 2013

Magnanimous tree awarded SAF medal of bravery.


A tree in the west side of Singapore committed suicide by falling over so it can use its leaves to protect a family from the hailstorm.

Dao Xia Lai, the father of a family of four, said: “I was by the side of the road and then suddenly, pew pew pew, wah! I use my hands to block and then tree.”

The tree’s action has deeply impressed the Singapore Armed Forces, which has announced that it is awarding the medal of bravery to the tree.

Supreme General of the Army, Jin Seow Onn, said: “We always honour men in green for their bravery, so once in a while, we try to honour just the green.”

The last time the medal of bravery was handed out was on February 23, 2013.

The SAF awarded the medal of bravery to PAP MP Vikram Nair for parking his Jaguar pussy magnet at a Woodlands car park that was clearly demarcated as a danger zone — this meant that he stopped his car under dangerous circumstances and escaped unscathed.

Vikram Nair qualified for the medal because it is bestowed on the brave sons of Singapore who have served NS and subsequently done something to be proud of.

So it looks like Janil Puthucheary won’t be getting any medals anytime soon.

In June 2012, a 22-year-old NSF, who was robbed of his SAR 21 assault rifle at Pasir Labia camp by a robber armed with nothing but a screwdriver and a menacing face, was also awarded for giving in without a fight. Or whimper.

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