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Tony Tan fancies the moon to unite S’poreans

Posted on 23 June 2013

He said he found the full moon “special”.

A week into the worst haze crisis Singapore has ever encountered, President Tony Tan has come out of hiding to address the concerns of the public-at-large.

In a Facebook note, he wrote:


Singaporeans from all walks of life found his Facebook status update uplifting and reassuring.

Yue Liang, a local, said: “Yeah, developing some lunacy seems appropriate. I’m sure that’s what all the everyday people feel as well, what with the lack of masks and a untrustworthy PSI reading.”

There are also others who are glad Tony Tan has updated his Facebook in such a timely manner.

Yuan Yuan, another Singaporean, said: “What would I do without this uplifting Facebook post?”

“And what a great way to unite Singaporeans again.”

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  • eve

    Question is : did he or any of our meritorious ministers, offered their luxury air conditioned homes to the fellow citizens who have no air con at home?

    Or spend their time distributing free n95s to the needy?

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