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To prevent absenteeism, MPs clock in with their mugshots

Posted on 17 June 2013

Public-at-large applaud move by National Institute of Proper Parliamentary Logistics Evaluation.

As a result of rampant absenteeism, MPs from now on will be required to log in with their mugshots to prove that they have attended parliament sessions.

MPs will be required to check in by peering into a face recognition device, similar to the one installed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) at a Serangoon Garden Market.

Mugshot used to clock attendance and spy on hawkers

Mugshot used to clock attendance and spy on hawkers

The NEA’s device was recently installed to spy on hawkers to prevent the illegal subletting of stalls and ensure that subsidised stallholders operate their stalls personally.

Under the guise of clocking attendance, hawkers are required to check in daily with their countenance.

The National Institute of Proper Parliamentary Logistics Evaluation (NIPPLE), has issued a statement explaining that this measure to make MPs take attendance as well is due to certain MPs who have been absent for a majority of parliament sessions without rhyme or reason.

However, no names were cited and no hints provided

But Singaporeans being kaypoh, can easily tell who the guilty are.

One Singaporean, Pon Tang Kia, said: “You just check the Hansard record, you know already. No need to talk so much one.”

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