Super bastard comments trolling Miss Singapore Universe 2013 finalists

Posted on 01 June 2013

You can trust Singaporeans to come up with funny insults.

Every year when the Miss Singapore Universe pageant comes around, everyone goes on a rampage relieving themselves on the contestants.

This year is no exception.

But come on. Can we all admit that if any of these girls walked past us on the streets, you mean you would’t do a double take? And if you’re curious about who the past Miss Singapore Universe winners were, check this out.


All pictures and comments below are stolen from Yahoo! News coverage of Miss Singapore Universe Finalists 2013. (Please don’t kill us for stealing your best bits. We’ll link back to you and give your credit and traffic, ok?)

Here are the best super bastard comments in 2013:

#01 Clarabelle Ng, 21, is a radiographer and she loves to read, paint and travel. Height: 165 cm





#02 Jeanne Neo, 23, is a student and besides hitting the gym, she loves to do sports such as volleyball, running and swimming. Height: 166 cm




#03 Cordelia Low, 24, is an events co-coordinator and she loves to dance, and indulge in outdoor activities and extreme sports. Height: 167 cm




#04 Amanda Toh, 20, is a student who loves to do yoga, cook and travel. Height: 168 cm




#05 Rebecca Lee, 23, is a trainee lawyer who has a range of hobbies including reading, dancing, singing, running and playing badminton. She also practises Muay Thai. Height: 171 cm





#06 Sung Miao Wen, 20, is an undergraduate who loves to act, swim, sing, play golf and cycle. Height: 171 cm





#07 Tinah Lee, 24, is a business relationship manager who loves to swim and dance the salsa. Height: 172 cm




#08 Shi Lim, 24, is a business executive who loves to dance, read, write, travel and play the cello. Height: 176 cm




#09 Angeline Soh, 24, is a customer service assistant who loves to play volleyball. Height: 175 cm






#10 Roxanne Zhang, 20, is a student who loves to dance, shop and go to the movies. Height: 174 cm




#11 Fleur Soong, 25, is a relationship manager who loves to go jogging. Height: 172 cm




#12 Cheryl ‘It-is-for-your-own-good’ Desiree Chan, 23, is a student, entrepreneur and DJ who loves to cook, sing and play basketball. Height: 170 cm




#13 Jacqueline Kee, 25, is a student from Lasalle – College of the Arts who loves to visit art galleries, paint and indulge in photography. Height: 170 cm




#14 Cinny Chin, 22, is an undergraduate who loves to dance, bake and do gymnastics. Height: 170 cm




#15 Jesslyn Tan, 24, is a university graduate who loves to act and model. Height: 165 cm


Lola from Shark's Tale

Lola from Shark’s Tale




Wah lau you all can be don’t so bastard anot?!

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  • Wah

    #13 like can see nipple sia!

    • Visakan Veerasamy

      above comment like can see deprivation sia

      • Guest

        That’s all she has.

    • stupid sia this guy

      see your lan la -.-
      never see bra up close before?

  • Malaysia

    How is it bastard? I think its BADASS wat funny jokes *no sarasam*

  • Anonymous Coward

    The clothes rack comment won the whole competition.

    • chickenwing

      thanks thanks..

  • Zhenna

    At least they have the courage to take part in the competition [subject to comp pressure, public scrutiny and stuff] and the very least, i think we should support our own fellow SG gals.

    • AgainstSGgirlslol

      they just want to enter so that they can be deemed “pretty” when they look like absolute trash.

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  • seriously

    They’re not even funny. You shouldn’t even insult someone for their looks without reason in the first place (they were SCRUTINIZING, commenting on the size of people’s hands? WTF???) but let’s assume that it’s acceptable. Even then, at least make it funny. Hurtful remarks + unfunny content. That’s why Singaporeans should never be allowed to comment online unless they’re witty or are sure their comment value adds to the article. Most of them are just being jerks.

    • Ling

      I agree they’re being jerks but hey, these girls did enter a contest to be judged purely by looks. The photographer though could have done a much better job with background, props and for the love of mike, lighting.

    • Calm_your_tits

      typical butthurt girl who just cannot stand bastard comments on a satirical website. Truth be told… the can someone give her lunch joke is good. LOL.

      TL;DR seriously chill ya titties.

    • Welcome_to_internets

      Welcome to the internet. Is it your first day? Please stick to facebook and twitter because god forbid you stumble further into the depths of the internet where people make fun of anything and anyone.

    • Miya

      Eh this is a beauty competition. Girls that join this competition get scrutinised from head to toe what. So what’s wrong?
      I’m a girl and I find their comments damn funny lol

    • MikeSoertsz

      Big hands only problem if got small ____. Burrrnnnn.

    • Bala

      This is a beauty contest. I’m glad you finally got out of living under a rock.

    • bodoh

      if you cant take it you dont belong to the internet.. go watch some tv off the couch or something

  • Minghui Kuok

    I suddenly felt better after reading this article. Apparently, NGSB doesn’t seem so bad atm. btw, do these commentators watch XXX?

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  • anon

    The Lola comparison is damn alike sia! Jasslyn Tan really looks like Lola from Shark Tale! HAHAHA!!!

    • DTC

      And no one realise that Lola was acted by Angelina Jolie and was drawn based on her?
      Though of course, that explains the breast..

    • anon

      Come on those lips are sexy and trendy nowadays. hahaha

  • Anonymous

    This is why so little girls want to join Miss Singapore Universe

    • Elaine Huang

      promoting pedophilia one comment at a time

      • LMAO


  • SPG S1u+

    Cause beautiful and smart ladies are not so cheap unlike this bunch of thick-skinned ugly [email protected]+tch35! The Shi Lim so ugly oso can win. Her face shape is… -.-

    • Chin

      She seemed to be the only one capable of stringing together a complete coherent sentence. And she’s the tallest. It’s not difficult to guess who to pick to represent sg in the world stage.

  • SPG S1u+

    Shi Lim is really an idiot! Obiviously ppl and sponsors no longer bother about MSU that’s why TV is also no longer airing it! What Uni grad? What 80% percentile? So simple oso dunno! Go kum ur ang moh bosses lj la!

  • Anonymous

    Eh Shi Lim, you wan support? Wear a bra!

  • Anonymous

    Opps, they can’t even wear a bra cause all no neh neh pok. So flat like airport runway! Face oso so flat like kena smacked with frying-pan liddat!

    • New Nation

      eh what she do to your family? siao knn

    • Anonymous1

      How bumpy is your runway? 8D

  • Anon

    HAHAHA laugh until buay tahan

  • Someone with brains

    Shame on you, New Nation. Trust you to perpetrate these foul, insensitive, and derogatory comments.

    • New Nation

      At least we never do round-tripping of funds what…

  • JR

    Oh well singaporean girls are really like this? the girl i m dating prob likes me cause i have the time to spend with her, can afford to give her the lifestyle (interestingly do most singaporean girls not eat at coffeeshop?) Anyway though right now i m 40+ doesnt mean that i cant get a much younger gal (She’s like 26?) I think the majority like the caucasians here in Singapore (I am American FYI) though. Guess all in all pretty sure these Singaporean or asian girls will prefer us to the rest of those local guys around.

    • MK

      How coincidental JR! I am a Singaporean student based in New York City. (I’m Singaporean FYI – Singaporean-Chinese to you, because you must be unaware of the racial sub-divisions), and from the start of my freshman year 2 years ago, up until now, I’ve been having a lot of fun with white girls of all sorts; it seems that we are in opposite situations and I have the explanation for you – exoticism or exotic fetishism, simple.
      Also, is it true that not all white girls appreciate white guys and their douchy self-entitled attitude that belonged back in the 40s?

    • sg

      she only likes you for the money and potential green card.

      You can dream though… by the way many local women do eat at coffee shops, the one you are dating is a “Barbarella” type that only desperate losers like you would date.

  • ud

    These people are pathetic, most likely nothing much to look at too, and if they are men I bet they can’t get any of those girls who participated due to their very tiny dick complex and 2 out of 10 looks. The comments are not even funny or witty. I think these pageants are crap but I am not going to go on every single contestant’s photo to try to come up with some insult about their looks.

  • Iamskinne

    Seriously who cares! They have the VIP treatment and the haters don’t! Keep hating comment idiots! They are achieving and the haters aren’t! Dream dream dream!

    • Harshwalia

      VIP treatment? I’m not so sure. Some of them look like they haven’t eaten in months.

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  • Hodora Moe Zhen Yuan

    why they all choose the over 170cm 1
    onli a few 160+cm

    eh bias la like that, then those height 140-160 no pretty meh?

    • Captain Obvious

      Dude , all the models are all tall . 140 is no difference when i was primary 3/4 .

  • JustHate Everything

    All the comments on top are really so sick!!!!!

    People are born to be like dis… wad the matter and problem in the mind???? can have peace???u are not the judge in this contest… Do you have the guts to stand in from of the camera and judges???

    They have but you all are just only keyboard warriors complaining this and that..

    • puhleez

      please improve your ‘ingrish’

  • Anon

    WTF WHY ARE THE QUALIFIED ONES CHINESE? I swear they are fucking ugly, hair’s atrocious, body like stick, skin too yellow, eyes too small, nose too big, how are they qualified?! Come on we have the beautiful Arabs, Indians, Malays here and who the fuck is so damn racist to only pick Chinese? I swear they are the ugliest creature ever. Sorry if you think I’m being racist, I’m a Chinese LOL

    • Huh

      You obviously hate your ethnicity very much……. Either that or you have inferiority complex

      • equality, la

        no, what she meant is, there should have been other contestants of OTHER races. I feel the same. Tons of hot looking Indian / Malay girls who I will bone over any of these miss universes.
        And I am a Chinese Singaporean.

        Nothing to do with self hatred nor complexes.

      • Arturo Siew

        I think you better check your privilege. I find arab, Indian, Malay, African and White girl more attractive.

  • Captain Obvious

    To be honest , if they walk past me on the streets , wouldnt take a double take .

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  • Logak Emanuelle

    I find the comments pretty creative. I mean how else do you want them to be written? Like those ST headlines that say raising fares is the best thing that ever happened?

  • lame singaporeans

    OMG….Singaporeans are so ugly….you call that miss singapore?
    Don’t have any positive comments for the guys as well…

  • Wankerville

    The comments are comedy gold

  • Lynn

    yes this is a beauty pageant, these competitors should be up for all sorts of scrutiny. yes this is the internet, everyone can say whatever they’d like. But when I walk down the streets in Singapore, all you normal citizens who look so ever timid and mild in person, are all potentially the foul-mouthed, cyber-bashing cowards online. I feel disgusted to be walking among you losers.

    • Chin

      let’s go on a date

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  • Arturo Siew

    I bet the judge who allow all these girls (100% all Chinese) must be a Chinese Women who feel inferior to the more voluptuous Arab, Indian and Malay Women. She must be hiding those non-chinese women and make them non-existence.

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