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S’poreans feel bad for indie filmmaker Lynn Lee

Posted on 16 June 2013

Her failure to get charged is a wasted opportunity to increase her visibility.

Lynn Lee should be the one without facial hair. Pic stolen from

Lynn Lee should be the one without facial hair. Pic stolen from

The Attorney-General’s Chambers issued a letter of warning to independent film-maker Lynn Lee for contempt of court on Friday.

This means no charges were pressed against her, quite unlike how fully-clothed bodies are pressed against each other during peak hour on the MRT. lynn-lee-film

Lynn Lee had published two video interviews on her blog in January, where two former SMRT bus drivers who were involved in a strike last November spoke about how they were encouraged to be less innocent by the Singapore Police Force.

Long story short, Lynn Lee’s street cred has not gone up as she got away after only being served a warning.

One Singaporean woman, Kan Dian Ying, who likes to download pirated movies online, said: “She not related to Mark Lee? I never heard of her before.”

Regardless, Lynn Lee is Cooler Than You.

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