S’poreans blame PAP, Vivian Balakrishnan for hailstorm

Posted on 25 June 2013

Others blame Indonesia’s bomohs.


Parts of western Singapore was pelted by hail on Tuesday after storms summoned by Indonesian bomohs brought about overcast skies that unleashed its fury upon our tiny sovereign state.

Hail as hard as any hard-on known to man and the size of marbles have struck people and their pets on the head and threatened to smash windows and dent cars.


No immediate injuries were reported except one guy who suffered diarrhoea after he swallowed three pieces of hail he picked up off the floor.

Singaporeans were quick to take to social media to bash the PAP, blaming them for bringing about catastrophic weather conditions.

One Singaporean, Ta Ma De, said: “Where is Vivian Balakrishnan? How come he cannot control the weather?”

Others who are taking a more measured approach are blaming the Indonesians.

A local, Zho Gong Tao, said: “Wah their bomoh damn power sia.”

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  • Jaszsss

    Seriously don’t blame everything on the government. Don’t do cloud seeding then complaint about haze. Do then now complaint about the hail rain. Please wake up people. There is no perfect for all situation.

    • New Nation

      Wah really ah…

  • Min Joo Koon

    See something fishy about the names of the persons giving the comments?

  • Xplorax

    “Where is Vivian Balakrishnan? How come he cannot control the weather?”

    Pretty obvious this is a slur against the Opposition supporters.
    One theory is that this comment was fabricated by PAP supporters themselves who then accuse the Opposition supporters for making such silly comments.

    • G. B

      Wow, you must be the smartest chap in the block, eh? (:

  • Lynn

    Sigh they think he is Storm ar.. Can control weather.. There so many things in Singapore to be appreciative about and yet all they can think of is who to put the blame on..

  • sunbliss

    Brainless people even blaming the government for the weather

  • Min

    Hahaha really Ta Ma De that person. That person think he’s god ah. I’m not pro-pap or what. But you go take that position to control weather.

  • child’splay

    Not everything is the fault of gahmen. If continue to have this type of senseless blaming, then it shows that we are really being childish

  • justpassingby

    You know, me being a Singaporean is ashamed by the reactions of other singaporeans such as this remark. Please lah, wake up to your idea, heat also complain, rain also complain. some of these occurrence is out of the human control. How the heck is this even the govt’s fault? Goodness.

  • Poospa

    This is satire. New Nation is for shits and giggles. It is not news. Please grow brains

  • ere

    HELLO~ see the top? 50% real news. this is probably just some entertainment.

  • Wilson

    After too much of education, Singaporean blame the
    Ministers for Haze and hailstorm ! Who is this idiot ?
    He needs to go to IMH immediately! Waste no time on this mooroon !

  • Wilson

    A pure bread Singaporean who knows how we can be
    Transformed from fishing villages and kampongs to what
    We are today will never be an ingrate to our government!
    Only idiots, ingrates and hopeless guys will do that! Even
    My dogs is so happy with the PAP because they are being
    Protected ! Animal’s right !!!!!!! Some Singaporean are not
    Even animals !!!!!!! So sad !

  • Wilson

    Why some idiots are saying we are against the opposition
    Where we dont even mention it???
    They are the one who jump into the pool of hot water
    They set it up themselves and got caught !
    You answer for yourself :) too much and one day
    Singapore will collapse if all Singaporean behave like idiots !!!!

  • Wilson

    Don’t allow Indonesian to say we are like children.
    Always complaining:( rain no rain, haze no haze,
    Hailstorm no hailstorm also complaint ! What is this ?
    To proof to Indonesian that they are right:- we are childish ?
    Son ! please wake up ok ????????

  • Guest

    Nothing better to do, and just complain…not raining all blame government, now rain also blame government. If u so smart why don’t u go and become MP, handle all the sitiutaion.

    • The Wrath Of Grapes


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  • Jamie

    Before commenting please realise this is a satire news site. That means that it’s not real. It’s a sarcastic joke/response to real news.

    If you didn’t even look at this website’s tagline, the names in the article should have given the joke away. Don’t just read like some blur sotong!

  • hawkenfox

    lol you guys actually read this rubbish post hahaha … it’s childish.

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