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NSmen do not want to wear their uniform on SAF Day

Posted on 26 June 2013

Even though they can have freebies and discounts.


To give more recognition to the contributions of NSmen and women, a bunch of businesses are offering freebies and discounts to them.

All the 800,000 active and former military personnel have to do is to show up wearing their uniforms and they get 20% off all petrol and diesel at SPC or watch movie for $6.50 each at Golden Village on top of other privileges on July 1.

However, not all are biting the bait.

One NSman, Mai Cheng Sah, said he will not wear his uniform because of love: “I don’t want to wear because I cannot fondle my girlfriend in public if I do. Later military police catch.”

Another NSman, Buay Sai Koon, said wearing his uniform will disrupt his alertness: “I cannot sit on the MRT and sleep. Later kenna DB.”

Another NSman, Buay Sai Poon, said wearing his uniform will make him healtier: “I cannot hold cigarette. Later kenna STOMP.”

But one NSman said he will want to wear his uniform because it is very subversive.

Tng Tao Moh, said: “My hair so long, steady ah.”

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