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Mysterious force protecting S’pore from haze

Posted on 20 June 2013

PSI level in Johor Bahru hits 337, Singapore’s pollution index nowhere near as high.


Scientists at the National Environment Agency have discovered a mysterious protective force that prevents haze and all other bad elements from entering Singapore air space.

As the PSI level in neighbouring Johor Bahru hit a high of 337 today, Singapore’s haze index was still hovering around the low 200 before noon.

One NEA scientist, Xi Kong Qi, said: “It is clear that there is a protective force preventing haze from coming in. Actually, it’s as if all bad things can never befall us.”

But other Singaporeans are quick to point out that this could rather be because Malaysians tend to be more realistic.

Kan De Kai, a local said: “You see their politics and media rankings you know already. Malaysians say it as it is one. Singaporeans might not be able to take this kind of realism.”

Singaporeans, on the other hand, have other things on their minds.

One Singaporean, said the PSI level is like the hemlines of girls in clubs on a Saturday night.

Jin Chee Hong, said: “Wah steady ah, PSI such a cockteaser. Can brake at 299 and refuse to go higher.”

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