Haze no match for S’porean ingenuity

Posted on 20 June 2013

Birds stay low to avoid haze.

The haze might be getting in your face, but it is not affecting your brain. Yet.

This after the ingenuity displayed by inhabitants of Singapore proving that they can still think of ways to overcome the smog.

One method of beating the haze is demonstrated by this guy:

A smoker's approach to beating the haze

A smoker’s approach to beating the haze

A regular smoker, Sio Ka Song, said: “The purpose of the face mask is to prevent my nose from breathing in particles. And when I smoke, the cigarette filter helps to block the haze from entering my lungs.”

And to prevent the haze from getting to them, a bunch of pigeons in Singapore have decided to lie low:

Birds sticking close to the ground

Birds sticking close to the ground

Gong Jiao Wey, a veterinarian, said: “The birds are lying low so that they don’t have to exert themselves by flying through soot and carbon dioxide.”

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