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Water Wally victims break down in court

Posted on 20 May 2013

70 children testified against paedophile before being sent back to IMH.


A total of 70 children took the stand today at the Supreme Court as Water Wally, the onion-shaped mascot, was formally charged with 3,890 counts of paedophilia.

This group of children are the only ones expected to give testimony as they are the only ones old enough to talk.

The rest are infants and young toddlers. The total number of victims run into the thousands.

This case has gripped the nation and it is the first time the modus operandi of Water Wally has been revealed.

The court heard that the mascot will first make friends with the children at public road shows. He will innocently graze their young, nubile bodies openly.

Later, he will wait for his victims to go home and start showering and enter their bathroom just when they have soap suds in their eyes, which obscures their vision.

A five-year-old boy, who cannot be named, said of his assault: “He never, at any point in time, wipe that grin off his face.”

Another girl of the same age said: “He wasn’t satisfied until I was soaped and rinsed off. And he said he would come back again to make sure I was bathing right.”

A younger child, who could barely use crockery, said: “After he was done watching me, he went next door to my neighbour’s house.”

A seven-year-old boy, believed to be the oldest of the child victims, said: “Without any genitalia, he is already a monster.”

After their testimony, all the children were sent back to IMH for further treatment and evaluation.

The Pubic Utilities Board is expected to settle out of court by giving compensation that could run into the millions.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty by boiling.

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