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Undergrads demanding full refund from universities

Posted on 05 May 2013

Khaw Boon Wan’s comment that degree ‘not vital for success’ sends tertiary education pedigree plunging.


The top three universities of Singapore — NUS, SMU and SIM — have been dealt a blow after Khaw Boon Wan publicly said that acquiring a university degree is “not vital for success”.

His comment was addressed to some 160 students and young adults in an Our Singapore Conversation dialogue yesterday.

Overnight, all existing students from the top three universities have tendered their letters of resignation to forego their studies and are demanding a refund.

A soon-to-be ex-undergrad who majored in finance, Qiang Yin Hang, said: “I always knew I should go back to playing DotA.”

Besides doing what they do best, some students are planning on broadening their social circle instead by going to the right events to meet the right people to build up their social network connections.

Another undergrad, Chee Hong Kia, said: “I am going to hang out at lup sup bars and pubs. I heard a lot of towkays go there.”

But not all universities are affected by Khaw Boon Wan’s comment about the unnecessity of degrees.

NTU, which is going to lose journalism professor Cherian George in a year’s time after he failed to get tenure, is expected to see a free fall in student enrollment anyway.

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