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Thousands of S’poreans show signs of Serina Wee withdrawal symptoms

Posted on 24 May 2013

Number of cases will spike over the weekend, but urged not to inundate A&E.

Serina Wee yew weeeee

Serina Wee yew weeeee

Several thousand Singaporean men are reportedly experiencing a host of bodily ailments.

These include incoherent slurred speech and feeling fidgety, giddy and vomity.

Doctors are attributing such ailments to withdrawal symptoms, as Serina Wee’s pictures have not appeared in the press the last two days.

Serina Wee is the goddess of nectar and all things beautiful. She is currently on trial for performing sorcery on City Harvest Church funds.

However, doctors are advising men experiencing such withdrawal symptoms to go onto the Internet immediately to view pictures of Serina Wee to get a quick fix.

Although the relief this provides will be fleeting.

Dr Kwa Nor Kun, a general practitioner, said: “The only way for the men to overcome the symptoms is to see new pictures of Serina Wee.”

“Viewing the older photos they have already seen will cause the men to feel satiated relatively quickly. So it will not be lasting… and then cow and chicken.”

The doctor had to excuse himself mid-interview, as he said he said he felt fidgety, giddy and vomity.

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