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S’poreans stand up for Tim Ho Wan

Posted on 01 May 2013

People in Tim Ho Wan queue outnumber Hong Lim Park crowd.

Number Wan dim sum in Singapore!

Number Wan dim sum in Singapore!

More people have queued and dined at Michelin-starred dim sum place, Tim Ho Wan, than show up to attend the two events held at Hong Lim Park on May Day.


Estimates suggest that the two May Day events — one in the morning and the other in the afternoon — drew a paltry few thousand people.



In contrast, Tim Ho Wan drew several thousand people and the queue outside the eatery shows no sign of shortening.

Just like how their dim sum does not contain any shortening.

One Singaporean, Jiak Min Kia, said: “I think the morning event at Hong Lim Park that was touted as a picnic was kind of creepy. Grown men and women acting like they have Michael Jackson-Peter Pan syndrome is unpalatable.”

“Unlike Tim Ho Wan’s dim sum, which are sumptuous.”

And the contrast between the morning and afternoon events at Hong Lim Park is stark.

Another Singaporean, Chi Dong Xi, said: “The afternoon Hong Lim Park event drew mainly old men and restricted foreigners from the venue.”

“But at Tim Ho Wan, you get an international clientele and cheerful faces that actually reflect their age, because everyone is well-fed and genuinely cheerful and the atmosphere is evergreen.”

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