S’poreans mock inSing News for failing to make it into MDA top 10 list

Posted on 28 May 2013

Try harder, they say.

inSing "News"

inSing “News”

Singaporeans from all walks of life are getting together to slap their thighs and fall over with hysterical laughter, while pointing their mocking finger at inSing News.

This after the Media Development Authority revealed that 10 sites providing Singaporean news are to obtain a license priced at a hefty $50,000.

These sites include:

inSing News was not one of those sites named.

This caused the mocking to escalate.

One Singaporean, Chio Ka Peng, said while wiping tears of hysteria from his eyes: “Even Stomp made it!”

Another Singaporean, Jin Buay Kan, said while stopping his sides from splitting open: “inSing is probably not a real news provider. They should alert their advertisers to this development.”

One other Singaporean, who laughed so hard he had to be rushed to A&E twice, said: “Nobody reads inSing News anyways.”

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