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Sneaky pinoys push PAP propaganda film to win at Cannes

Posted on 27 May 2013

Can’t catch the logic? We show you how.

Local superstar filmmaker Anthony Chen, who just won at the best film award at the Cannes Film Festival has been revealed by super intelligent and well informed online detectives to be a government stooge. But that was after he was revealed to have made the film without a single cent from the government. Which made alot of people angry.

Always trust Facebook statuses from people you donโ€™t know. Especially one that gives you reason to believe that The Man is out to get you.

Always trust Facebook statuses from people you donโ€™t know. Especially one that gives you reason to believe that The Man is out to get you.

Wait, you might ask. How can he be a stooge if he never receive gahmen funding?

Take a deep deep deeeeep breath:

anthony chen

Can’t see it? Let’s close up

anthony chen 2

LIAO!ย So means Cindy Toh anyhow say lah! But is this the end of the story? Noโ€ฆ.

As it turns out, all this was an elaborate scam to make Lawrence Wong admit that Ilo Ilo was actually a ploy to push the foreign worker agenda. “Cindy Toh” is fake, so are her assertions that Anthony Chen was scorned by the establishment who preferred more morally ok filmmakers (ex-affairs) like Jack Neo.


Confused? How does Ilo Ilo push the foreign talent agenda? How should you be angry about it? How can you blame the government in a manner that does not impinge on factual accuracy?

Let us explain.

Logic step #1:
Ilo Ilo features a Filippino maid working in a family experiencing the Asian Financial Crisis

Logic step #2:
Anything featuring Filippinos is an attempt at normalising the presence of foreigners

Logic step #3:
Any attempt at normalising the presence of foreigners is an attempt at insulting Singaporeans

Logic step #4:
Ilo Ilo was proven by online sleuths to be funded by the government.

Ilo Ilo is therefore an attempt by the PAP to insult Singaporeans.

Be angry. Killjoy.

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  • Minghui Kuok

    I work with Pinoys in my daily job, so that means I’m anti-local bastard lol!. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Me

    Oh. It’s Joey again. Well see, how are you going to prove Logic Steps #2 and #3 as fact? I mean, you’re using a deductive argument, so your “logic steps” have to be true in order for your conclusion to stand. (By the way, the proper term for a “logic step” in an argument is “Premise” – we all learn something new every day, Joey.)

    Even if you do prove Premises 2 and 3, allow me to show you how this article is complete nonsense by adding a 5th premise:

    Premise #5: The Singapore government bribed the jury of the Cannes Film Festival (including Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, Lee Ang, et alia) so that they would confer the Camera d’Or award upon a complete unknown (Anthony Chen) from a country not known for its film-making (Singapore). Because Mr Chen couldn’t possibly have won based on his own artistic merit – he was funded by the PAP, wasn’t he?

    Joey, prove to me that Premise 5 is true, and I’ll eat my words. Every single one of them. Otherwise…don’t you think a little reflection in the quiet corner is due?

    • Minghui Kuok

      Joey is trying to be as funny as senor Belmont while scoring himself a hot Spanish chick (or Portuguese even can). Therefore, his declaration has proclaimed himself as a satirist rather than journalist. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Me

        I understand what you’re saying, but my point is that a writer cannot hide behind the facade of satire to write groundless accusations and inflammatory polemic. Satire is essentially a work which ridicules vices, follies, abuses and shortcomings, primarily through the use of irony and trenchant wit.

        Winning the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival is a pinnacle achievement which few filmmakers achieve in their lifetimes. For a Singaporean filmmaker to be lauded as such is a truly amazing breakthrough for both himself, and Singapore. It is an historic moment which I daresay eclipses even the Olympic table-tennis medal wins. To satirize Anthony Chen’s achievement is in utter bad taste, for I do not see the folly, vice or shortcoming which Joey evidently sees in Mr. Chen’s win.

        Furthermore, this piece of writing is NOT satire, by any literary means of analysis you care to employ. It is a completely in-your-face, vindictive and hateful venom-spitting. There is no irony or wit in the writer’s words. There is only blind rage. And that is arguably a greater sin for a self-professed satirist to commit than the poor choice of topic I previously mentioned.

        In short, this article as reportage is tasteless, and as satire is artless. It is worthy of nothing but the utter and complete denunciation which he himself has shown to another far superior than he.

        This is all I have to say.

  • Ah Ni Kwan

    “LIAO! So means Cindy Toh anyhow say lah!” BEST excerpt from a news article! You guys are awesome.