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MDA staff suffering massive backlash in offline world

Posted on 30 May 2013

Eateries, barbers among thousands who refuse to serve anyone identifiable as MDA staff.



Staff from the Media Development Authority (whose acronym can also mean Murder Decimate Arserape) are having a bad time.

This after they revealed on Monday that a highly unpopular and unjust licensing scheme requiring websites to submit to a $50,000 ransom will come into effect in a week’s time.

Members of the public and businesses are now taking the fight to MDA to show that they are against this scheme — by refusing to serve them or do their business.

Thousands of barbers, pubs, restaurants and plenty of other otherwise homely and customer-friendly businesses are already taking matters into their own hands.

They have signed a pledge to stop serving anyone identifiable as a working staff from MDA.

This is seen as showing solidarity with the online world, where more and more people are spending more and more of their lives there and feeling a greater bond with.

One MDA personnel was seen walking around a shopping mall in the west this evening with half his hair cut completed.

The salon staff who was trimming his mane told New Nation: “The moment I saw his lanyard pass, I stopped cutting. That would mark him out as an outcast. Others can now easily identify him and avoid him like a leper.”

And this is only one of a few hundred incidents today.

Another MDA staff was seen begging the taxi driver to accept his business outside MDA’s premises at Fusionpolis Way.

The cab driver sped off while jeering at him.

A guy who happened to walk by with his Doberman, unleashed it.

The teeth marks will also make the MDA staff more recognisable.

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