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MDA required to obtain $5 million license from New Nation

Posted on 30 May 2013

Before it can operate as an authority in Singapore.

Five million peanuts... erm I mean Sing dollars. [Pic stolen from]

Five million peanuts… erm I mean Sing dollars. [Pic stolen from]

The Media Development Authority (whose acronym can also mean Murder Decimate Arserape) has fallen under the new rules set out by New Nation, which requires it to obtain a license by putting up a $5 million bond.

New Nation said that when MDA is granted a licence, they will have to think twice before making any public statements or will be forced to retract “prohibited content”.

This is in line with Singapore’s standing as a Second World Nation and also to prevent MDA from committing another faux pas.

A spokesperson for New Nation‘s regulatory dominion said: “MDA is determined to have flouted the rules the moment they put out another rap video, for example.”

The $5 million license can be revoked and the bond forfeited.

MDA personnel might also be quartered and broken at the wheel.

The New Nation spokesperson also said licensing is justified given MDA’s reputation: “This measure can be viewed as being similar to preventing flatulence in public, which causes olfactory and auditory discomfort.”

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