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City Harvester suffers from persecution complex

Posted on 29 May 2013

Singaporean men reassure him the world does not revolve around their church.

Photo stolen from Every Day Party

Photo stolen from Every Day Party

A City Harvester (above) has made an astonishing claim over Facebook: The licensing scheme unveiled by the Media Development Authority last evening demanding news websites to post a $50,000 bond was a direct response to the popularity and unstoppability of City News, a “news” portal by City Harvest Church.

The City Harvester wrote: “the authorities are simply scared of CHC.”

However, Singaporean men are quick to assure the City Harvester that the world does not revolve around his church.

Kind of like what Galileo did with the Catholics.

Kwa Char Bor, a Singaporean men, said: “All the men who go to City Harvest news is to look for pictures of Serina Wee. If they want to reduce readership, they just have to publish pictures of Sun Ho.”

City News has been under the spotlight recently as they have been publishing pictures of the goddess of nectar and all things divine, Serina Wee.

She is on trial for allegedly performing sorcery on church funds.

Other men were quick to chime in.

Another Singaporean men, Tee Koh Peh, said: “You browse Playboy magazine is to read the articles ah?”

Serina Wee yew weeeeee

Serina Wee yew weeeeee

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