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Yale-NUS profs to undergo further training to be Singaporeanised

Posted on 28 April 2013

Speaking Singlish is just one of the hallmarks of being Singaporean.

Dean of the Faculty at Yale-NUS, Professor Charles Bailyn

Dean of the Faculty at Yale-NUS, Professor Charles Bailyn

Eleven foreign academics from the United States, India and Australia — due to start work at Yale-NUS in August — have taken a crash course in speaking Singlish.

The faculty members took the class taught by a PhD student as they are trying to familiarise themselves with the local culture.

However, Singlish-speaking is widely seen as just a mere introduction to being Singaporean.

They need to further infuse themselves into the system or they’ll just come off as patronising.

Having gotten the Singlish part down pat, they can proceed with the next stage of training.

A Singaporean non-PhD student, Mai Tak Chek, said: “They need to kowtow to the PAP from now on and shut their trap when necessary, in case they say anything that resembles dissent. This, within academic circles, is known as ‘avoid doing a Cherian George.'”

For the longer term, other plans have been laid out.

One source close to the faculty but refused to be named, said: “There are plans to freeze their salaries so they match the reality of what Singaporeans face — stagnation.”

Other Singaporeans have other suggestions to make to ensure the professors get it.

A local, Tah Ba Shi, said: “They can only take the bus and train. Taxi rides are limited to twice a month.”

They will also be taught to queue up for freebies, act passive when in a social gathering and go for chalets and BBQs often, and aspire to open a blog shop selling women’s clothes, among other Singaporean things.

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